UAE Petrol Prices for March 2019 |

UAE Petrol Prices to Increase in March

Next month will see the first increase we've had this year

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28 February 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
UAE petrol price increase

March 1st will see petrol prices across the UAE increase...

Fill up quick today - as UAE petrol prices will increase for the first time this year from March 1st, 2019.

For the next month, drivers will pay AED 2.04 per litre for Super 98, up from AED 1.95 in February - an increase of 9 fils per litre. Special 95 will cost AED 1.92 per litre, which has increased 6 fils from AED 1.84 last month. Diesel will be priced at AED 2.41 pr litre - an increase of 13 fils!

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The new UAE fuel prices were shared by ENOC on Twitter - all prices include the VAT rate of 5 per cent.

Why the UAE petrol prices are deregulated

Since 2015, prices of fuel in the UAE have been deregulated, due to a pricing policy linked to global prices was adopted.

The change was implemented as an effort to support the national economy, lower fuel consumption and protect the environment and preserve national resources.