How to Register a Car in Sharjah for Two Years |

Vehicles Can Now Be Registered for Two Years in Sharjah

New vehicle owners can opt to register their car for two years, confirmed Sharjah Police

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27 August 2020

Last updated on 27 August 2020
Vehicles Can Now Be Registered for Two Years in Sharjah

The new light vehicle registration service is optional

A two-year registration licence (Mulkia) for new light vehicles has been introduced in Sharjah.

The Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department at Sharjah Police said they are now issuing a two-year vehicle ownership licence for brand new light vehicles only.

The move is part of the authorities' plans to improve on and provide high-quality services to Sharjah citizens and residents.

Major General Saif Al-Zari Al Shamsi, Commander in Chief of Sharjah Police, said that they have adopted the ambitious plan to upgrade police services so that the added value will help save time and effort for the community.

"The new initiative aims to ensure the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency," Al Shamsi said.

To avail the new two-year vehicle registration licence, the owner must have valid insurance for two years and pay the required fees for the service.

How to register your brand new vehicle in Sharjah

We all know about the UAE and cars. This is a country that loves a good car and the freedom that driving offers. And with the main public transport networks limited to the cities, anyone buying a car in the UAE will find that a vehicle essential.

Below is a guide on how to register your vehicle in Sharjah:

Who can register a vehicle in Sharjah?

As the two-year registration licence is only valid for brand new vehicles, registering an all-new vehicle in Sharjah is your car agency's responsibility. Cars can be registered in Sharjah under a person's name or an organisation.

Guide to registering a car in Sharjah

Where should I register?

You can register a car through any of the following platforms:

  • MOI smart application, downloadable on the Apple Store or Google Play
  • MOI website, here.
  • Emirates vehicle gate website, here.

How much is the registration fee?

It costs AED 400 to register a new car in Sharjah.

What documents will I need?

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • A passport copy
  • Valid UAE residence visa copy
  • Electronic car insurance
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC)
  • Possession transfer certificate or export certificate
  • For diplomats, he/she would need to submit a valid diplomatic ID and a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • For organisations/businesses - an official letter in Arabic, endorsement of signature, an authorisation letter and a copy of your business' trade licence