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You Can Now Get Your Driving License Delivered To Your Doorstep

Along with other car-related documents

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3 January 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Driving License

A new initiative by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai

When they say that everything gets delivered to you in Dubai, they really weren’t joking.

From laundry, groceries, clothes and more – Dubai is a city built on convenience and efficiency.

And now you can even get your driving license delivered to your home too.

Dubai residents will no longer need to go out of their way to get their road documents from selective centres in the city, it will instead come to them.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has launched a new mobile service option that can deliver all your road documents for you, including driving licenses, parking cards and vehicle licenses.

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The mobile van unit is known as the Mobile Customer’s Happiness Center and will be using RTA’s database to identify each neighbourhood that will be visited.

The van is also a self-servicing machine because it comes equipped with options to perform the actions by yourself without having to drive to the location.

Who can use this service?

Unfortunately, for now, the Happiness Center van isn’t available to all Dubai residents just yet.

According to the service’s description, the van will only be available to:

  • People of determination
  • Senior Emiratis
  • Community segments

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Part of RTA’s happiness project

In efforts to line some of RTA’s services with the strategic goal of Smart Dubai and People Happiness, the road authority wants to facilitate people’s lives in the UAE and remove any option of exclusion of those who are in need.

“The Center will offer services over ten days per month in each of the 14 geographical districts of Dubai. Customers will be notified via text messages, website and social media about the location of the Center in each district. Plans are being made to broaden the scope of the service to cover the widest number of clients,” said RTA’s executive director, Ahmad Mahboub.