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You Can Now Rate Your Taxi Driver in Dubai

A new scheme has been implemented to help reward the city's top drivers

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15 January 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Rate your taxi driver in Dubai

The new scheme aims to reward taxi drivers...

Commuters who regularly use Dubai's national taxis will now be able to rate the city's taxi drivers working across the emirate.

Rating drivers isn't a new concept, as users of private taxi companies like Uber and Careem will know. But now, thanks to a new programme launched by the RTA, Dubai's taxi drivers can be rated and rewarded through points they earn.

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The RTA's "Kafou" programme - which means 'well done' in Arabic - will recognise and celebrate the city's best performing taxi drivers, based on ratings provided by riders, as well as RTA's own inspectors.

The move is a step forward to bringing happiness to excellent-performing drivers, and will apply to all franchise taxi companies operating in the emirate - that's around 25,000 drivers in total!

Reward points earned by drivers through the programme can also be offset against fines and Black Points incurred.

“RTA is keen on rewarding employees of all affiliated agencies and sectors according to sound international standards. RTA has opted to launch ‘Kafou’ programme for excellent taxi drivers acting as ambassadors of RTA to the public,” said Adel Shakri, Director of Planning and Business Development at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

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“The programme grants ‘Kafou’ points to taxi drivers based on a rating by riders and RTA inspectors under a QR Happiness Index. Deserving drivers will earn points through these assessment tools, depending on their excellent performance.”