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Apps to Help with Homework

Are you a parent wanting to help their child with homework? Let these apps help!

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25 October 2016

Last updated on 13 July 2017
Apps to Help with Homework
Are you a parent wanting to help their child with homework? Or a student yourself eager to get high grades on your next assignment... Let these apps help!

It’s ok to admit it mamas, sometimes our children’s homework just doesn’t make sense anymore. We’ve all been there.


Luckily for us (and not so much for our parents back in the day), we have technology and the internet!

Apps to Help with Homework

Yes, you can get all the homework help and assignment organisation tools you need from your mobile or tablet, using these handy apps.


This magical app is about to change your life mamas! Imagine being able to take a picture of a typed equation and getting the result using step-by-step solutions. Now you don’t have to imagine because this app really does exist AND it’s free to download!



Keep track and organise your time and your schedule using the iHomework app. The iHomework helps by sorting your assignments based on the due date, along with other useful tools to keep you efficient while you study.

Homework Helper

This app works as an online forum in which students can post their problem or question on the forum for others to answer. The more questions you answer the more e-coins you can earn, which can eventually be used to purchase electronic goods such as phones, laptops, tablets etc.

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Learning a second language is a great asset for children to have. Engage your kids in the process by downloading the iTranslate app. This app helps children learn words and phrases using male and female voice records of 90 different languages.

Gone are the days of flipping through dictionary pages trying to find a definition of a word. Now you can get any definition you want simply by writing the word on the search text box of the app! The app offers audio pronunciations, word search, word of the day and more!



Keeping homework organised can be tricky. Especially if the kids are at a stage where their homework  just keeps piling on. With myHomework, students can now get reminders of important due dates, test dates and keep updating their progress on every assignment.

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This web app helps to lock off all distractions by locking your computer from all social sites for a certain set of time in order to help students focus on their work and the task at hand.

Class Messenger

Parents and teachers can now communicate using this social media tool that allows private group chats along with sharing photos, documents and even allows for scheduling parent-teacher conferences directly through the free app.