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Where to Learn Arabic in Dubai

Want to learn the native language of the UAE? We've found the place for the best Arabic lessons in the emirate.

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4 August 2019

Last updated on 17 September 2019

Learning Arabic in Dubai comes with many benefits, which is why we recommend heading to The Arabic Language Centre and trying their adult courses and FREE trial class!

Language is certainly more than a set of rule-governed words put together to deliver certain messages. It is, in fact, the main medium of human communication and interaction.

It's also the key to culture, and upon learning a new language, we decode the values and ideals that the language embodies. As a result, we are able to bridge gaps and develop a deeper understanding of other cultures.

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That's not all - learning a new language comes with many benefits, among which is opening the door wide to a world of opportunities on a social as well as professional level.

What's the native language of the UAE?

Arabic is the native language of Dubai and the UAE. And in this part of the world, learning Arabic i.e. the official language of the region, is particularly advantageous, given the importance linked to human relationships.

The acquired linguistic knowledge, coupled with a good sense of cultural sensitivity, helps non-Arabic speakers interact appropriately and develop healthy social and business relationships in multiple contexts in the Arab World.

In addition to the above gains, Arabic is an inherently beautiful and rich language, with more than a thousand-year-old history that has impacted many other languages. Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is the fifth most spoken language in the world, with over 300 million native speakers.

Where to find Arabic courses in Dubai

Since its establishment in 1980, the Arabic Language Centre (ALC) based at the Dubai World Trade Centre, has taught Arabic to thousands of enthusiastic non-Arabic speaking adults and children across the UAE.

Learners embark on learning Arabic in the UAE for multiple reasons: social, business, cultural, academic, personal interest, or a combination of many. The center employs a unique teaching methodology developed by its founder, Maliha Wehbe.

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The method brings out the logic and beauty of the Arabic language and presents it in a simplified, easy-to-learn and fun manner.

Teaching is highly interactive, and the courses are geared towards preparing learners to communicate effectively in real-life contexts.

Arabic courses for adults in Dubai

ALC offers a range of public, private, and corporate classes, beginners through advanced levels. Public classes are offered in intensive and regular paces, on weekdays and weekends, with flexible timings throughout the year.

The two upcoming terms for adults are the Intensive August Term, commencing August 25 – Sep 5, followed by the September Term, which starts on September 7.

The courses can be viewed in detail here, or you can register your place by visiting here.

Enjoy a FREE trial class!

To give learners a close idea of how and what the centre teaches, anyone interested in learning Arabic is invited to attend one of the FREE trial classes, which are scheduled on August 5 and September 2.

Booking is required - simply press click to contact to get in touch with the team! Alternatively, you can call 043315600 or email [email protected].

Arabic lessons for children in Dubai

For children aged 3 to 16 years old, a theme-based weekly summer camp is currently running up until the end of August. The camp will be followed by the September Term commencing September 7.

For more details, feel free to call The Arabic Language Centre on 043310221 or email [email protected].

Arabic Language Centre in Dubai
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Arabic Language Centre
Since its establishment in 1980, the Arabic Language Centre (ALC) based at the Dubai World Trade Centre, has taught Arabic to thousands of enthusiastic non-Arabic speaking adults and children across the UAE.

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