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14 Music Courses in Dubai for Children and Adults

Popular Music Institute and Sing & Swing Training Centre, a part of Thomsun group, excel in providing music education for all ages in Dubai.

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14 January 2018

Last updated on 18 April 2018
Top Quality Music Education Provided by Thomsun Group

Thomson Group made a name for themselves when they started retailing and distributing the entire range of musical instruments and audio products in the UAE in 1990.

Their music education institutes in Dubai are a facility where students of all ages can learn music with their hands on educational approach. With 17 years of experience behind them in managing and teaching music education, the group currently has 2 main music institutes in Dubai, Popular Music Institute and Sing and Swing Training Centre.

They conduct classes for piano, electronic keyboard, classical, acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, drum-kit and percussion, violin and viola, flute, saxophone, classical and popular music vocals and music theory. You can learn how to play majority of musical instruments at one of their music institutes in Dubai.

Have a look at their list of courses below:


You know what they say that piano is a gateway to all music. It’s easy to play and it simplifies the process of understanding music theory. They offer a variety of piano courses in Dubai:

  • Course: YAMAHA Junior Music Course (4-6 years)
  • Course: Little Mozarts (5-6)
  • Course: Yamaha Junior Step Fundamental Course (JSFC) (7-8)
  • Course: Alfred’s Basic Piano (8 years & above)
  • Course: Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)
  • Keyboard

    Learning how to play the keyboard in Dubai should be on everyone's bucket list. It boosts different physical and physiological advantages to the players of all ages. Keyboard classes are available at both institutes.

    Course: Keyboard Player (6 years & above)

    Piano Classes


    Thomsun Group has been conducting guitar classes in Dubai for the past few good years. Both institutes, Popular Music Institute and Sing & Swing Training Centre conduct classes in different kinds of guitars. Read on below to find out more details:

  • Classical Guitar:
  • According to some playing the classical guitar lacks the cool factor, but take it from the legends Bach and Mozart, there’s more to the name than it suggests.

    Course: Classical guitar (Age 5 & above)

  • Acoustic Guitar:
  • Playing the acoustic version of the guitar carries its own weight. It’s an easy to carry instrument and you can really enjoy your moments of solitude just by penning down some soulful music or humming along to the melodies of an acoustic guitar.

    Course: Acoustic Guitar (Age 8 & above)

  • Electric Guitar:
  • The more popular cousin of the acoustic guitar, this one carries the oomph factor like no other. To learn how to play an electric guitar carries its own benefits. It is a great stress buster and helps in boosting your brain power.

    Course: Electric Guitar (Age 8 & above)

  • Bass Guitar:
  • When it comes to playing the bass guitar, it all comes down to the music, melody and the rhythm. The bass guitar is an easy to pick up and start playing from the get-go. One of its main benefits is that you can sing while playing the bass guitar, so don’t let anyone stop you from making your own band!

    Course: Bass Guitar (Age 10 and above)

    Guitar Classes


    Learning how to play the violin carries lifelong mental, emotional and physical benefits. Physical benefits are attributed to improving your posture and coordination. It reduces stress and acts as an excellent emotional outlet.

    Course: Violin (Age 5 and above)


    Playing drums not only make you look like a rock star but also carries many benefits. Learning how to play the drums can relieve mental stress; it’s a good exercise to stay fit and increases intelligence.

    Course: Drum Kit (Age 6 and above)

    Wind Instruments

    Learning how to play wind instruments can positively impact your health. They strengthen your breathing, strengthen your core muscles and improve posture. They are also known to improve hand-eye coordination.

    Course: Wind Instruments (Age 5 and above)


    Learning how to sing offers more than just a polished skill. Singing strengthens your immune system, it improves your posture and it further helps you sleep.

    Course: Vocal (Age 5 and above)

    To learn more about their courses, visit Popular Music Institute or Sing & Swing Institute or visit their Facebook page for daily updates.