The Old Library In Dubai Gets A New Home |

Dubai’s Oldest Library Gets A New Home

It houses more than 26,000 books!

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15 November 2018

Last updated on 15 November 2018
The Old Library

The library almost closed its doors for good

Book nerds and story enthusiasts almost shed a tear at the news of one of Dubai’s oldest library’s possibility of shutting down permanently.

The news hit long-time residents of Dubai 4 months ago when they heard of the Old Library’s possible closure as the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre shut down in July.

Sad news for those who were frequent visitors to The Old Library as it’s been a part of the UAE’s history for the past 49 years – it is the UAE’s oldest English language library.

And now as the library turns 50 years old, it announced the reopening of its doors on Wednesday in its new home in Dubai.

Rich history

It first opened up in the UAE in 1969 – that’s 2 years before the Federation of the UAE was formed and it was set up as a Dubai Lending Library.

The Dubai Lending Library used to stock its bookshelves with books that were donated to the UAE by a patroness in London.

And the library sustained itself by adding a small lending fee to readers in the UAE who want to borrow and return the books later on.

Residents in Dubai could not be more ecstatic at the news of the revival of The Old library – that might no longer be old.

However, this is the case no more as the library has gotten a brand new space thanks to Emaar – it is now home to a 153.3 square metre building in the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai.

Residents have a plethora of books

The Dubai-based library is home to over 26,000 books and almost had to find a place to give them all away when it was going to shut its doors.

But now those books – with more to come – are housed at the new location.

The oldest library in the UAE

Dubai’s oldest library goes to Al Ras Library in Al Khor Dubai that dates back to 1963.