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Discover Green Grass Nursery's Unique Bilingual Arabic and English Programme

Green Grass Nursery's all-new Al Manara branch officially opens with an "In love with our Arabic language" programme for little ones

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21 January 2022

Last updated on 27 January 2022
Best British nurseries in Al Manara Dubai: Green Grass Nursery

You may have already heard of Green Grass Nursery Jumeirah since 2013.

Now, Al Manara's newest bilingual nursery has opened doors for children from 4 months to 5 years!

Arwa Naccho, CEO and General Manager of Green Grass Nurseries (GGN) believes the acquisition of language is one of the more remarkable achievements of early childhood. She is delighted that GGN Al Manara is the first early years center that has a new bilingual Arabic and English programme in Dubai.

"At Green Grass Nursery we provide a safe, stimulating, and welcoming environment where every child has an equal opportunity to play, grow, and learn," says Ms. Arwa.

"Our bilingual green nursery Arabic and English programme allow younger students to develop a good understanding of the Arabic language, customs, and culture."

Green Grass Nursery Al Manara Dubai

Research shows children in preschool absorb more than any other stage of schooling, hence choosing the right nursery is extremely important.

Green Grass Nursery Al Manara distinguishes itself from other nurseries in Dubai by following the framework of the Early Years Foundation Programme (EYFS) and Reggio approach in both English and Arabic languages.

"We have created a bespoke curriculum that combines valuable and challenging areas to provide a unique education to our children," she says.

The nursery's strong and experienced Arabic Early Years Specialist, supported by a qualified English-speaking teaching assistant, builds a bridge between the two curricula core subjects, making learning through engagement in creative play and hands-on learning activities accessible for children to explore and solve problems on their own rate of development.

Multilingual English and Arabic British nursery in Al Manara Dubai

Academic and non-academic facilities at Green Grass Nursery

"We are very lucky to have an expansive nursery setting filled with countless opportunities and cut-edges facilities to learn and explore," says Ms. Arwa.

The nursery features natural outdoor spaces, a music wall, a planting area, an atelier, a mini farm, and a mud kitchen with construction areas, which is fantastic for helping children explore the outside world. Their large indoor space doubles up to enhance children's motor skills and structured activities.

A designed baby cottage room for children starting from 4 months old provides toddlers with a nurturing environment.

With an emphasis on exploring and appreciating nature, Green Grass Nursery's facilities is perfect for little ones to grow and learn in! In addition, the early learning center follows stringent Covid procedures and government rules at all times to ensure the safety of their children, families, and staff.

Green Grass Nursery Al Manara Dubai
British curriculum nurseries in Al Manara Dubai with bilingual programme

School collaboration and partnership

Green Grass Nursery has earned strong ties with Horizon International School, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, Deira International school, North London collegiate school, and Hartland International School.

"At GGN Al Manara, we aim to partner with strong foundation English-Arabic schools in Dubai. This way, we can prepare children for entry and have the option to continue to learn and cherish the beautiful Arabic language," she adds.

How to register your child at Green Grass Nursery Al Manara

Green Grass Nursery Al Manara is now enrolling for 2022 Spring registration!

Visit their website to book a personal tour and learn how they create a home away from home for your children.

For more information, get in touch by calling the number below or press 'Click to Contact'.

Greengrass Nursery Dubai
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Green Grass Nursery Dubai, established in 2013, is widely regarded as one of Dubai’s top-rated British Boutique Nurseries. We are committed to providing a homely environment for our families. This ensures each child can learn and develop at their own pace and be confident in school.

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