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Potty-Training with Your Child’s Nursery

Here’s everything you need to know about potty-training with your child’s nursery in Dubai

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5 November 2018

Last updated on 5 November 2018
Beginning Potty-Training with Your Child’s Nursery in Dubai

Bonita Smith is Lead Teacher at MindChamps Nursery Al Safa. She is a passionate Early Years Educator and nursery staff trainer and the proud Mum of a fun-loving two-year-old boy.

As the Mum of a very active toddler, as well as being a nursery practitioner with 15 years of experience under my belt, I have both a personal and professional understanding of how challenging parenting can be. In a world of social media and perfect Mummy bloggers, the expectations we place on ourselves can be overwhelming at times. With the pressure to prepare perfectly balanced and healthy meals, fun educational activities, a solid bedtime routine, regular social experiences and so much more, being a parent can be tough. For us parents, that added stress of potty-training looming over us can create a feeling of dread.

At Mindchamps Nursery, we feel strongly that parents should not feel alone while approaching this important milestone. We aim to work together as partners in this process. We understand that Mums and Dads often need information and support to recognise when their child is ready for potty-training and plan which approach to take.

How to tell when your little champ is ready:

  • Your child shows interest in the toilet/wearing underwear.
  • Your child understands and follows basic instructions.
  • Your child shows awareness of their bathroom needs with words, facial expressions/posture.
  • Your child stays dry for two hours or longer during the day.
  • Your child verbalizes that they do not like the feeling of wet/dirty diapers.
  • Your child can pull down and up their own pants.

Your child may first demonstrate these signs at nursery or at home and there is no fixed age that this should happen. At Mindchamps Nursery, we cater for each champ by enabling every individual to be the best that they can be at their own pace. It is important that nursery practitioners and parents communicate regularly to share observations to support the child as a team. With regular parent meetings, coffee mornings and our communication app, Mindchamps ensures that this vital relationship is well nurtured.

When is it NOT a good time to start potty-training:

It is important to remember that no two children are the same; some may be ready at 18 months and others only at 3 years. As with all developmental milestones, there are no prizes for coming first but there are great rewards for providing the right support at the right time. At Mindchamps our aim is ensuring every champ experiences 100% respect and zero fear. This means that no little champ should be forced to use the toilet if they are not developmentally ready.

Never start potty training when:

  • There is a new baby in the home or about to be.
  • Your child has just started attending a new nursery
  • You have recently taken away the bottle/pacifier.
  • You are moving or transitioning from a crib to a big bed.
  • You have had an emotionally charged experience such as moving countries, a death or illness.

Tips for potty-training in partnership with your child’s nursery:

  • Always keep clear and open communication with your child’s teacher and support staff when starting potty-training at home or if you would like them to assist you.
  • Share the toileting vocabulary/terminology used at home that your child is familiar with e.g. “pee pee/ poo poo”
  • Provide extra sets of clothing in case of accidents.
  • Tell them when you last put your child on the toilet and how long between intervals you wait.
  • Ensure consistency over a weekend or holiday.
  • Don’t become upset when accidents happen. It is understandable if you feel frustrated but it is important your child doesn’t experience this negativity.
  • Think of potty-training as a roller coaster; your child may have setbacks, but they will be temporary and short-lived if we do not make a fuss.
  • Try to include your child in the preparations; take them shopping for their potty or toilet seat and let them select their new underwear.

At Mindchamps we believe “Education is Theatre” and we keep this philosophy in mind in everything we do. Potty-training is no exception and we encourage you to include stories, songs, acting and simply creating a positive experience. Remember also that no matter how cool and composed you think you are; we all do the “woohoo” dance when our toddler is potty trained!

Bonita Smith

Bonita Smith
Lead Teacher
MindChamps Nursery Al Safa

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