Fun Beyond Imagination at Odyssey Dubai’s Spring Camp |

Fun Beyond Imagination at Odyssey Dubai’s Spring Camp

Let your child be transported to the extraordinary world of Odie the bird this Spring break.

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15 March 2018

Last updated on 30 August 2021
Fun Beyond Imagination at Odyssey Dubai’s Spring Camp

Odyssey nursery in Dubai has planned 2-weeks of fun-filled activities that will allow your little one to use his or her imagination to the greatest of its abilities. If you are looking for kids’ activities in Dubai for the upcoming Spring break, we are happy to tell you that Odyssey toddlers nursery offers you and your child a great educational opportunity.

Odyssey is one of the top preschools in Dubai, and once we tell you the activities they have planned for your child this spring break, you will see why.

  • On Sunday, they will enjoy some hip-hop, an activity that allows them to creatively express their emotions, to develop their cognitive abilities and improve their physical wellbeing.
  • On Monday, your little one will get to experience the beautiful game of tennis. This sport has many developmental benefits including improved bone strength and hand-eye coordination, better gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination, and an enhanced immune system.
  • On Tuesday, it’s all about football, with which the kids can become better at teamwork and collaboration, in addition to quicker and more agile athletes.
  • On Wednesday, they will play basketball. This team sport has similar benefits as football, but also improves cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. Slam dunk!
  • Thursday is Zumba day, a dance activity that improves mood, increases self-confidence and that is just great fun for everybody!
Fun Beyond Imagination at Odyssey Dubai’s Spring Camp

On a daily basis, your child will also be exposed to new themes everyday at this full time daycare in Dubai. For example, on day 1 of spring camp, they will get to experience life as an astronaut; on day 4, they will get to visit the imaginary garden and on day. During the second week, the little ones will get to play around with imaginary food and extraordinary clothes.

At Odyssey , the priority is given to being a learn through play nursery which is why your child gets exposed to all these different activities, themes and games.

The best part is that, at this 3 languages nursery in Dubai, not only will your child get to experience unique activities and play, they will also be able to do so in English, Arabic and French, and the benefits of a trilingual education are unmeasurable. So, if you’re also looking for a French nursery in Dubai, Odyssey is the place for you.

Next time you think to yourself “where are the top rated daycares near me?”, think no further than Odyssey Nursery in Umm Suqeim.

For any questions about Odyssey Nursery fees, registration, activities and timings, please visit Odyssey Nursery.

Fun Beyond Imagination at Odyssey Dubai’s Spring Camp
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At Odyssey Nursery, children learn and progress at their own pace under the respected Washington State Early Learning Benchmarks curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach. Children are given the opportunity for self-development and self-discovery through this educational approach, and trilingual education. They have six branches Odyssey Nursery branches in UAE. In Dubai, you can find them at Umm Suqeim, Burj and Living Legends; and in Abu Dhabi in Khalifa City A and their newest branch in Al Mushrif.


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