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Odyssey's Guide to Finding a Good Nursery

Picking the right nursery for your child can be daunting, so Odyssey shares some advice for all parents...

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5 September 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Odyssey's Guide to Finding a Good Nursery

As your child grows into a responsive, alert and thoughtful young adult, it is time to start looking out for a nursery that can further their curiosity. Your first impressions of a day nursery are important. Is there a friendly, warm atmosphere? Is the staff welcoming? Are the rooms and toys clean? And most importantly, do the children look happy and occupied?
Odyssey’s guide will help you spot the signs of a good day nursery in order to make this experience easy and enjoyable for both parents and little ones. 

Look around first

Look around several nurseries, and go for a full session. Don't take your child on the first visit, unless you are sure they will not distract you. If you like Odyssey, we would like you to bring your child and assess her reaction. Ask other parents for their opinions.

See that the environment is safe, warm and inviting

At Odyssey children's work is prominently displayed. Tables, equipment, and lavatories at child-level encourage independence, as do pictures on the cupboards to show where toys are kept.

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Look out for sounds

The worst sign is silence –At Odyssey a happy child makes a busy hum. But children should not be over-excited. Friendly relationships help to learn.

Figure out how much time they need

At Odyssey, we provide full day as most children can cope with a full day if they are introduced to it gradually. But part-time places may be all that is available, or your child may not be ready. Consider using a child-minder for the rest of the day. If you are at home, you may prefer a part-time place anyway. For full & part -timers, check Odyssey’s lunch menu which is varied and nourishing, with provision for different diets.

Keeping these handy tips in mind, we're sure you won't have much trouble finding a nursery that fits your child's needs best. If you'd like to book yourself a tour, please contact Odyssey Nursery at 04 348 8805

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The Odyssey Nursery’s mission is to aid the growth of children allowing them to acquire autonomy, with the skills and competencies that are the essential basis of teaching. Odyssey Nursery is also part of the Kids First Group.

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