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A Summer to Remember at Odyssey Nursery Dubai

Enroll your kids today in this adventurous and fun-filled summer camp at Odyssey Nursery in Dubai

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15 May 2018

Last updated on 15 May 2018
A Summer to Remember at Odyssey Nursery Dubai

Join the Odyssey nursery in Dubai for 9 weeks of summer fun, adventure and discovery! Every day, from July 1 to August 30th, your little ones are welcome to enjoy and learn from a range of activities that will transport them back to the times of the stone man, ice age, dinosaurs, and the pharaohs.

There is so much learning to be done from these eras including how the first alphabet came to life, old ways of transportation and how we switched to technology. It's really important to explore the history in early years as it provides identity and shows the children models of good and responsible behavior.

The more we know about the past the better prepared we are for the future because by remembering the past, we realize that we are responsible for building a legacy for the generations that follow us.

The children will also keep active with activities such as football, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and martials arts in addition to dancing Zumba and hip-hop.

It’s going to be a summer to remember so make sure your child is a part of it!

A Summer to Remember at Odyssey Nursery Dubai
Odyssey Nursery
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Odyssey Nursery
The Odyssey Nursery’s mission is to aid the growth of children allowing them to acquire autonomy, with the skills and competencies that are the essential basis of teaching. Odyssey Nursery is also part of the Kids First Group.

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