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Welcome to Odyssey Nursery - Where Happiness Is Organic

Find out everything you need to know about Odyssey Nursery - the best nursery school to prepare your child for the future.

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18 November 2013

Last updated on 30 August 2021
Welcome to Odyssey Nursery - Where Happiness Is Organic

Our Odyssey Umm Suqeim branches offers English, French and Arabic while the new Odyssey Umm Al Sheif offers English, Spanish and Arabic.

Who We Are

It is a passion a passion that no school can teach and no curriculum can cover.

A passion that is required and essential in the world of education, especially for early childhood.

That is who we are: a team with a passion for the world of early childhood, a team who believes the future of tomorrow’s adults starts at birth!

Our Vision

Our little school is a second home to our children, we believe we can teach them all the necessary values along with a reputed curriculum while preserving the maternal aspect essential to their fulfillment.

You can teach every child the alphabet at age 1, to write his name at age 2, and probably Shakespeare at age 3… but for what purpose?

Children need to learn how to laugh, play, embrace diversity, be courageous, independent and autonomous, socially blossom and shape their personality.

Schooling becomes a breeze, a child’s game… doesn’t it Children?

Our Mission

The Odyssey Nursery’s mission is to aid the growth of children allowing them to acquire autonomy, with the skills and competencies that are the essential basis of teaching. It relies on the children’s strong natural abilities at that age to mimic and invent whilst playing and engaging actively in fun activities.

This increases and stimulates children’s desire to learn further, whilst diversifying their experience and enriching their comprehension, and allows easily to be paced to their growth and development.

The curriculum of Odyssey Nursery is not bound by a fixed schedule. It covers the main areas of activities over the three to four years of education, by setting objectives to reach and describes the competencies to build before the passage to Elementary School.

Class Curriculum

ENGLISH and FRENCH Classes from 4 months to 4 years (Washington State Benchmark)

We are part of the Kids First Group, committed to providing kids, a true solid foundation, to become resilient, global citizens for the challenging future ahead.

Odyssey Nursery
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Odyssey Nursery
At Odyssey Nursery, children learn and progress at their own pace under the respected Washington State Early Learning Benchmarks curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach. Children are given the opportunity for self-development and self-discovery through this educational approach, and trilingual education. They have six branches Odyssey Nursery branches in UAE. In Dubai, you can find them at Umm Suqeim, Burj and Living Legends; and in Abu Dhabi in Khalifa City A and their newest branch in Al Mushrif.


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