How to Help Your Child Transition to a New Class |

How to Help Your Child Transition to a New Class

Learn how you can ensure a smooth transition if your child is moving to a new class.

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18 January 2018

Last updated on 20 August 2018
How to Help Your Child Transition to a New Class

Many of you will be seeing your little ones either starting nursery in Dubai or moving into a new class. For many of us, this is all part of our children’s development, but we should remember that these transitions are milestones in their life, and can, of course, have an impact on their development if they are not prepared and given the support they need.

This is why we encourage their teachers, parents and the children themselves to be involved. It is an exciting chapter for them but it can, of course, cause them uncertainty due to lots of new faces and the fact they are moving from their familiar surroundings.

How can we ensure a smooth transition?

That’s a great question and for many leading professionals they recommend taking the child into the new class beforehand so they can familiarize themselves with the classroom and its layout. Ideally, this should be done a few weeks prior to the new term, so they have a period of adjustment and become more confident when entering it. It also helps greatly if they stay for a period of time on each occasion so they can participate in the activities during each visit.

It’s also beneficial if the child is paired with one particular student during each visit so they feel they have a buddy to play with along with frequent visits all help with their adjustment period.

As a parent, you can always liaise with your child’s teacher to check if a handover has been completed so your child’s new teacher is up to speed on your little one's abilities.

Please do make sure you collect all of your child’s belongings from their old class so it be taken with them on their new journey, so they have some level of comfort.