How to Choose the Best Early Education in Dubai |

How to Choose the Best Early Education in Dubai

Here are five ways a private school trumps a standalone nursery for your child

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26 December 2023

Last updated on 26 December 2023
How to pick the best early education nursery school in Dubai

Embarking on the journey of early education for your little one is a significant decision.

As parents, you want the assurance that your child is not only receiving the best care but also the highest quality education that will lay a solid foundation for their future.

Here, we explore the advantages of choosing a school, such as GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa (FPS), over a standalone nursery for your child’s Pre-K experience.

1.) Home-Away-From-Home feel.

Parents often assume that only a standalone nursery can provide a cosy and homely feel. But that’s not the case at all.

At FPS, for example, the nursery promises a nurturing and secure environment that’s been purposely designed to provide a home-away-from-home feel.

British-qualified and experienced teachers ensure that your child thrives at their own pace, fostering independence and confidence, while the flexibility in nursery timings, along with the partnership between teachers and parents, contributes to a personalised and supportive learning journey.

Best early education schools in Dubai | GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

2.) Seamless transition to FS1.

Being part of a larger school means when the time comes to move from nursery to Foundation Stage, the transition is easy and smooth.

The FPS nursery ensures just that, plus children’s familiarity with the surroundings, teachers, and their friends facilitates a smooth progression through year groups, setting the stage for a confident and happy educational journey.

Best early education schools in Dubai | GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

3.) Specialised facilities.

Schools have the advantage of providing specialised facilities that standalone nurseries may lack. At FPS, the Foundation Stage pool hosts swimming lessons led by a qualified teacher, maintaining an optimal teacher-child ratio.

Additionally, weekly music lessons and encounters with animals in the FPS Desert School offer unique opportunities for holistic development that you may struggle to find in a standalone nursery.

Best early education schools in Dubai | GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

4.) Communication and flexibility.

Effective communication is key to fostering trust between parents and educators. FPS utilises an online learning journey to bridge the gap between nursery and home, sharing your child’s adventures through regular photo and video updates.

Moreover, flexible drop-off and pickup times, along with a convenient bus service, accommodate the diverse needs of families, making the early education experience more accessible.

Best early education schools in Dubai | GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

5.) Engaged learning environment.

A successful Pre-K experience hinges on a happy and engaged learning environment. So, when evaluating a nursery or school, make note of the atmosphere – happy, settled, and secure children are indicative of a positive setting.

Engaging teachers who make learning fun and exciting play a crucial role in shaping your child’s early educational experience.

Best private British schools in Dubai | GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa

In choosing between a standalone nursery and a school setting for your child’s Pre-K education, consider the comprehensive advantages offered by schools like GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa.

The seamless transition, specialised facilities, effective communication, and engaged learning environment create an enriching foundation that goes beyond traditional standalone nurseries. Your child’s happiness and development are paramount, and a school setting is designed to provide the holistic support needed for their early educational journey.

Authored by Claire Nami, Assistant Head Teacher, GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa.

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