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Why is the Early Years Stage Important for Children's Development?

GEMS Metropole School in Dubai breaks down the key advantages of enroling your child in the Early Years Foundation Stage

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28 December 2023

Last updated on 28 December 2023
Early Years Stage in Dubai | GEMS Metropole School

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is vital for a child’s development and lifelong learning journey.

Studies suggest that children in a strong Early Years (EY) setting still reap the benefits many years later, until the end of their schooling, and often outperform those who did not have high quality provision at three and four years old.

Key Skills Developed in the EYFS

The EY stage develops the key skills that children require to move forward in life, and if these skills are not well-developed by the age of seven, the critical window of opportunity is missed.

Here are some key skills developed in the EYFS that parents should be aware of:

Communication and Language:

Children learn to listen, speak, and understand language. This includes vocabulary development, storytelling, and early reading skills.

Physical development:

Gross and fine motor skills are honed through activities like crawling, walking, climbing, and drawing. Physical development also encompasses promoting a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

EYFS Curriculum School in Dubai | GEMS Metropole School

Personal, social and emotional development:

Children develop self-awareness, learn to manage their emotions, build relationships, and become more independent. Children will also learn to assess risk in the activities that they undertake.


Early literacy skills include recognising letters, sounds, and basic phonics. This lays the foundation for reading and writing.


Basic maths skills are introduced, such as counting, recognising numbers, and understanding simple mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction.

EYFS Curriculum School in Dubai | GEMS Metropole School

Understanding the world:

Children explore the world around them, learning about people, communities, and the environment. They also engage with technology, and develop an understanding of the world's diversity.

Expressive art and design:

Creativity is encouraged through activities like painting, music, and imaginative play. Children learn to express themselves through various art forms.

EYFS Curriculum School in Dubai | GEMS Metropole School

Why should parents not opt out of enroling their children in the early stages?

While it may be tempting to keep your child at home during those first school years, there are numerous benefits to attending an EY setting.

Social development:

EY provides an ideal setting for children to interact with their peers. These interactions foster social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. Children learn to make friends and develop essential communication skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Early Years Foundation Stage school in Dubai

Emotional development:

EY can help children develop emotional resilience. They learn to handle separation from parents, deal with new challenges, and manage their feelings in a supportive environment.

This early emotional development can lead to increased self-confidence and a smoother transition into formal education.

Independence and self-care:

Attending nursery or school encourages independence and self-care skills. Children learn to dress themselves, feed independently, and use the toilet.

Early Years Foundation Stage school in Dubai

Exposure to early teaching:

Nursery and schools introduce children to basic concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. These early educational experiences lay the foundation for future learning.

Routine and Structure:

EY settings provide a structured daily routine, helping children develop a sense of order and time management. This prepares them for the routines they will encounter in primary school and later in life.

Language development:

The absence of this exposure may lead to slower language development, potentially affecting your child's cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Early Years Foundation Stage school in Dubai

Parents play a critical role in supporting their child's EYFS development at home by providing a nurturing environment, engaging in meaningful play, and fostering curiosity. Regular communication with early childhood educators and attending parent-teacher meetings can help ensure your child is progressing well in these foundational areas.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is like tending to seeds, where parents and educators nurture essential skills like communication and resilience. Opting out can deny children access to vital possibilities. Beyond a curriculum, EYFS celebrates curiosity and independence, forming a strong educational base for each child's unique brilliance to flourish.

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