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Mirdiff Primary School Achieves Coveted Accreditation

GEMS Royal Dubai School is a world-class high performing learning school

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12 August 2022

Last updated on 17 August 2022
GEMS Royal Dubai School is a world-class high performing learning school

Primary schools are the fundamental building blocks to a child’s promising future, so choosing the right school for your children is one of the most important decisions parents of young children can make. However, choosing carefully involves considering many aspects, including what facilities a school provides along with its KHDA rating.

There are other considerations, too, including any accreditations. One of which could be the accreditation of World-Class High Performance Learning, with only a handful of schools achieving this status. Al Mizhar’s GEMS Royal Dubai School (RDS), which offers a British curriculum, was one of the first four educational institutions in Dubai to achieve the accreditation.

Jan Steel, Principal and CEO of GEMS RDS, explains what it means to be a High Performing Learning school.

GEMS Royal Dubai School is a world-class high performing learning school

“High Performance Learning (HPL) encourages students to be proactive in their learning journey and for them to recognise that they can achieve the highest results by utilising the HPL framework. HPL ensures there is no cap on any child’s learning. We believe every child can be a successful learner.”

Since RDS is a High Performing Learning school, the students reap the benefits.

“HPL equips children with the skills to believe in themselves and gives them the tools to activate their learning effectively. It provides students with a solid foundation for continued personal and professional development and enables them to be responsible and confident.”

An outstanding education

Given the advantages of HPL and the encouragement that the teachers of RDS offer their students, perhaps it isn’t surprising that it is the only school in Mirdif to have consistently achieved an Outstanding KHDA rating since 2016. Steel explains precisely how they achieved this.

“Being a small primary school from FS1 to Year 6, we create a continued proven nurturing and motivating learning environment for all students. As we are one of only a handful of small schools in Dubai, every child is known and valued for their individual talents. We care about every single student and strive for them to achieve the best in their learning journey and personal growth.”

As with any school, the teaching staff can make all the difference. The academic staff at RDS are carefully chosen to maintain an enriching and motivating learning environment for students.

GEMS Royal Dubai School is a world-class high performing learning school

“Our teachers and leaders are trained in the UK and highly experienced in teaching within a British curriculum school,” says Steel.

“The teachers regularly attend professional development sessions to keep up to date with teaching guidelines and continue to grow in an ever-changing dynamic learning environment. We are also a Leading Ladders Champion School. This enables parents to see their child's progress in the moment and means they do not need to wait for parents' evenings. It also enables teachers to have constant dialogue with families. Everyone from the school Principal, leadership, and teachers to the administration team are committed to supporting and providing the best possible outcome for all students.”

For parents looking for a primary school, there are many reasons why RDS should be considered.

“We have a first-rate academic team with a high level of training and experience,” says Steel.

“Through the GEMS core values, we enable our students to develop personal skills, demonstrate confidence and a positive attitude to learning and others. The outstanding curriculum at RDS is enhanced through engaging learning, personalised pathways and opportunities for enterprise and innovation. Through all aspects of our curriculum students develop excellent understanding of UAE culture, values and society. We are rightly proud of achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark award in 2022 affirming the outstanding science teaching, provision and standard across all ages.”

GEMS Royal Dubai School is a world-class high performing learning school

With RDS being such a highly accomplished school, children are future-ready and well equipped for their journey into secondary education. While leaving primary school can seem daunting for many children, RDS ensures that transition is seamless with opportunities to visit and engage in learning at our partner GEMS schools from Year 5. The Royal Promise partnership with GEMS FirstPoint, GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis and GEMS Wellington Al Khail prepares students for the transition to Year 7 and guarantees RDS leavers a secondary school place without compromising standards.

To learn more, visit RoyalDubaiSchool.com

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Opened in September 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School offers an exceptional quality of education from Foundation Stage to Year 6. It is the only 'Outstanding' primary school in the Mirdif area and offers the National Curriculum for England, taught by British trained and experienced teachers who have been chosen for their ability to create a motivational, child-centred environment.

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