Inside Kent College Dubai - A Premier British School With 135 Years of Heritage |

Inside Kent College Dubai - A Premier British School With 135 Years of Heritage

Educational excellence meets timeless tradition at Kent College Dubai, a top-performing British international school in the UAE

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20 September 2023

Last updated on 14 February 2024
Kent College Dubai

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of education at Kent College Dubai.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering a rich tapestry of nationalities, differentiated learning, flexible entry points, varied curriculums, and an array of subject options, this British private school in Dubai offers a little something for everyone.

Students from over 80 nationalities come together, creating an atmosphere of celebrating different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. The multicultural environment nurtures global citizens who are open-minded and empathetic, preparing them for the challenges of an interconnected world.

The school is committed to providing tailored learning experiences so each child receives personalised attention, fostering holistic development.

Through differentiated learning and inclusion programmes, Kent College Dubai ensures that each child’s unique needs and talents are recognised and catered to.

Kent College Dubai admissions | Top British private schools in Dubai

Academic Achievements and Future Prospects

The schools has had an excellent set of results with A-Level headlines, including 96% A*-E grades and just under half of all A-level qualifications either grade A* or A.

With equally impressive I/GCSE results, 95% of pupils achieving 5 grades at 9-4 (A*-C), including English and Mathematics, Kent College Dubai's pupils have shown commitment, determination and maturity throughout the year.

Graduating students have enrolled at Imperial College London (Chemical Engineering), Australian National University (Pure Maths), Urdang Academy London (Performing Arts), UC Berkeley (Political Science), University of Plymouth (Medicine), and Cyprus International University (Medicine) - to name a few.

Holistic Curriculum

The school offers a range of internationally-recognised career pathways, including the British National Curriculum, BTEC, and A-Level options in Dubai.

This diversity ensures that students have the freedom to choose a path that aligns with their aspirations and ambitions.

Through Kent College Dubai's expansive subject options from STEAM to humanities, students can pursue their passions and explore new interests, empowering them to become well-rounded individuals with a broad skill set.

Kent College Dubai admissions | Top British private schools in Dubai

Kent College Dubai's BTEC programmes include the Single/Double Level 3 Award in Perf Arts, Sports and Business, which is equivalent to 1 or 2 A-Levels respectively.

Pupils in the VI Form can opt for a combination of Level 3 BTEC subjects, or supplement Level 3 BTEC studies with selected A-Levels, as per our option block choices.

Graduating pupils have gained entry to exclusive performing arts and business schools as well as sports scholarships across the world. BTEC at both Level 2 and Level 3 offer pupils a different pathway and one that suits pupils who do not excel in traditional linear examinations.

The BTEC course closely mirrors that of a university course with emphasis on independent study, research and critical analysis of theory. The vocational element of the course allows pupils to apply knowledge into a life context.

"Pupils returning to the UK could do so seamlessly and re-enter the UK education system without disruption. The school places great emphasis on providing opportunities for pupils to explore their potential in an impressive range of academic, sporting, musical, social, and cultural extracurricular activities," British Schools Overseas (BSO) reports.

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Kent College Dubai's vision for inclusion is rooted in a holistic approach that embraces every student's unique journey.

The UK school is dedicated to fostering not only academic growth but also place significant emphasis on nurturing each child's social and emotional development.

Their commitment to this holistic approach ensures that all students thrive, emerging as resilient, confident, and happy individuals.

"Together, we create a warm and nurturing learning environment where every student feels valued and welcome," said a school rep.

Students Can Enrol at Various Times Throughout the Year

Flexibility is the hallmark of Kent College Dubai. We offer rolling admissions throughout the year, allowing students to join at various times.

This flexibility not only accommodates families relocating to Dubai but also empowers students to embark on their educational journey when it suits them best.

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Kent College Dubai Admissions

Their KHDA fees ranges between AED 55,000 to AED 110,000 annually, with discounts offered for siblings, UAE citizens, as well as Emirates and Fly Dubai employees.

As the school's admissions are flexible, families interested in enrolling or transferring their child can do so when needed.

To speak with Kent College Dubai's Admissions team, please get in touch below.

Kent College Dubai
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Kent College Dubai is a top British International School in the UAE offering a through-school education for pupils aged 45 days all the way through to A Levels graduation in Senior School. The school has close ties with their sister school, Kent College Canterbury in England, ensuring that the Dubai branch is backed by over 135 years of heritage, legacy and tradition.

Kent College Dubai, Nad Al Sheba 2, Meydan South, Dubai United Arab Emirates