The Learning Garden at South View School: Cultivating Curiosity and Joy in Early Education |

The Learning Garden at South View School: Cultivating Curiosity and Joy in Early Education

South View School Dubai's educational landscape just got a whole lot more enriching with the opening of their new Montessori learning garden

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30 January 2024

Last updated on 31 January 2024
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In the heart of South View School, a new chapter in the early years education is unfolding.

The newly opened Learning Garden, a Montessori-inspired haven in Dubai, is redefining what it means to learn through play.

Mrs. Eisha Patton, Head of EYFS, summarises its essence: "The transformation from a playground to a learning garden offers our children a world where they can explore, experiment, and extend their learning in the most natural way."

Play is not mere child's play at South View School Dubai; it is a strategic and essential tool for learning and development. Aligned with the Montessori philosophy of education, the school places emphasis on play as a vital component in building foundational academic and cognitive abilities.

Research supports this approach, with studies highlighting how play-based learning enhances early literacy, numeracy, and language development.

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Developing social-emotional skills in children

The Learning Garden is a fertile ground for developing critical social-emotional skills.

Cooperative play encourages children to take perspectives, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts, while imaginative play aids in self-regulation and impulse control. This environment is instrumental in nurturing empathy, resilience, and executive function in young learners.

Montessori Method

The design of South View School Dubai's Learning Garden reflects a deep understanding of the Montessori method. This approach provides an ideal setting for children to engage with their environment in a meaningful, hands-on way.

In creating the Learning Garden, children played an active and vital role. Their involvement ranged from drawing plans to planting herbs, seeds, and flowers, fostering a sense of ownership and connection to their learning space.

This process not only enriched their experience but also instilled important values like sustainability, as children learned to repurpose and recycle materials.

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Active Exploration

At South View School, education is not confined to traditional methods. The Learning Garden embodies a holistic approach where learning emerges naturally through experience.

Here, children are not passive recipients of knowledge but active explorers, making meaning of the world through play, creativity, and outdoor adventures. Teachers, in this setting, act as guides and co-collaborators, facilitating learning rather than dictating it.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

The Learning Garden is also a testament to environmental stewardship. Efforts to reuse, recycle, and reduce waste demonstrate the school's commitment to sustainability.

This hands-on approach to environmental care educates children about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

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The Learning Garden at South View School is more than just an educational space; it is a vibrant ecosystem where the joy of learning is nurtured.

Mrs. Patton's vision has come to fruition in a space that is sure to impact current and future students profoundly. This garden is not only a place of learning but a community treasure, cultivating curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.

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