Ministry of Education Launch New Uniforms for UAE Public Schools |

Parents, Here's What the New Standardised School Uniforms Look Like

To cut expenses for parents, the Ministry of Education introduced a new line of fixed-cost school uniforms

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3 July 2019

Last updated on 5 August 2019
Parents, Here's How the New Standardized School Uniforms Look Like

The Ministry of Education said they want to reduce the financial burden on parents.

In an effort to help decrease the costs for parents, the UAE's Ministry of Education has announced a new line of school uniforms for all public school students.

The new uniforms are set at a fixed price and will soon be available on August 18 in 85 shops across the country.

As pictured below, everyday school attire is to consist of shirts and pants in varying shades of blue, as well as blazers with pants or skirts in dark grey. They will carry the same school crest.

Ministry of Education

Source: Ministry of Education

For physical education (P.E) classes, students will wear pink uniforms as pictured below.

According to a tweet from the Ministry of Education, the new designs are suitable for both sexes and for different ages.

Ministry of Education

Source: Ministry of Education

Parents are reminded to get the new school uniforms in time for the new scholastic year.