Schools In The UAE Will Be Getting THREE Weeks Off In December |

Schools In The UAE Will Be Getting THREE Weeks Off In December

Good news for parents, students and teachers in the UAE

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9 December 2018

Last updated on 9 December 2018

As the holiday season nears, so does the long-awaited vacation

This is the headlines that parents, students and teachers have been waiting to read since the beginning of December.

As Christmas makes its way around the corner, the much awaited Christmas vacation follows close suit with less than a week left.

It was announced on Sunday, that privates schools around the UAE will be getting up to three weeks off as a winter break celebration.

From December 16 onwards, students can be elated at the thought of the Christmas vacation nearing in the UAE.

The Ministry of education in the UAE announced that private schools with foreign curriculums will be receiving this treat in the country as part of the ministry’s 2018-2019 academic year calendar.

Schools are expected to return to normal as of January 6th, 2019.

Public schools

While private schools with foreign curriculums get three weeks, private schools and schools that follow only the ministry’s curriculum will be off for four weeks.

Announced also on Sunday, the schools following these requirements will be off from December 16 until January 13 of next year.

Private schools can extend and receive a four-week vacation over the holidays if and only if they receive an approval for their request via the Ministry of Education.

They can also see a reduction of a holiday sentence via a request as well.

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