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These Are The Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child

Why more and more parents are choosing to homeschool their kids in UAE

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27 June 2017

Last updated on 14 August 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Why More and More Parents are Choosing to Homeschool Their Kids

With school fees increasing year by year in Dubai, it's no surprise parents are feeling the strain on their bank accounts.

Add on top of that cuts in employee benefits, and we're left with unaffordable schooling for little ones. Now, parents are left choosing between the quality of education their children receive, and how much it will cost ever year... With the latter often overshadowing the former. 

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It comes as no surprise then that more and more mums and dads are choosing to homeschool their children while living in Dubai.

If homeschooling your children is a viable option, and you're considering it yourself - here's 14 reasons why it could be the best decision you've made for your child's education and academic future.

1. You can control what your children learn, and when they learn it 

You'll have the freedom to follow your home country's curriculum, as there's no laws in the UAE for expatriates that homeschool their children. Whereas, Emirati's who homeschool must follow the UAE set course. 

2. You'll be able to show your children that learning is not boring

And you might even learn a new thing or two along the way. Plus, by making learning fun, your children will be more likely to listen, engage and understand.

3. It's the perfect chance to bond 

Because you'll be spending a lot more time together.

4. You can tailor your teaching to suit your child's learning style

While school's do their best to include all types of learning skills, sometimes it's just not enough. By homeschooling, you can tailor your classes to suit how your children learn things best; whether that's via visual methods, audio, writing or role-play.

Benefits of homeschooling in Dubai

5. No longer will you be constrained to the traditional classroom times

You'll have the chance to arrange your schedule to suit your lifestyle, your child's extra curricular activities and fit in fun breaks and entertainment where suitable.

6. Protect your children from negative encounters

Unfortunately, every child at one point or another may be the victim of bullying in the classroom and at school. By homeschooling, you'll be able to protect them from those negative influences - and that isn't just bullying, but bad behaviour, bad habits and bad attitude, too!

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7. Transfer your values and beliefs to your children

And be able to address and answer any questions they may have.

8. Teach your child more effectively

In a classroom, they're competing with almost 30 other children for attention and guidance. At home, you can nurture their education on a 1-on-1 basis to really give them the support and academic insights they need.

Benefits of homeschooling children in Dubai

9. You'll be able to address big issues

When home-schooling, you'll be able to judge as and when your child is ready for the big talks - like the birds and the bees, or issues around the world etc. 

10. Share the everyday joys of life with them

Nothing can beat that quality time together.

11. Help them through difficult times in their lives

You'll have the chance to help them mature through these moments by guiding them closely and offering support and guidance. 

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12. Share the joy of teaching with your spouse

You'll have the chance to include your partner, and your children will no doubt enjoy telling them what they've learnt throughout the day.

13. Take vacations whenever you want

You'll no longer be restricted to school holidays - when, as we all know, flight and hotels are at their most expensive. Instead you'll have plentiful opportunities to book off-season trips... And make them educational too, for the entire family! 

14. No longer will you have lengthy school runs

Because we all know how traffic can be in Dubai in the morning and afternoon when heading to and from school.