UAE Ministry Dispels Rumours on School E-Learning |

UAE Ministry Dispels Rumours on School E-Learning

The UAE Ministry of Education denies false information circulating on social media and news outlets about the academic year ending.

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12 March 2020

Last updated on 12 March 2020
UAE Schools E-Learning Will Not Extend Until June

Online rumours confirmed as "inaccurate" by local authorities.

As schools, nurseries, universities, and colleges across the country temporarily close for four weeks as a precautionary measure against the Coronavirus, staff turns to e-learning to help avoid disruptions to students' education.

The UAE Ministry of Education calls on schools to implement a mandatory distance learning system two weeks after the start of spring break.

This week, however, news began to circulate on social media and media outlets that all schools and universities are expected to continue distance learning until June 2020, and that the academic year will soon end due to Covid-19 concerns.

On Wednesday March 11, the Ministry of Education took to their official Twitter account to dispel these rumours, stating: "The Ministry of Education termed what is being circulated on social media and across media outlets about its intention to end the academic year and continue the distance e-learning system till the end of the school year as ''inaccurate''."

No official announcement that schools and universities will end the academic year nor are expected to continue e-learning until June was made by the Ministry of Education. Any claims of these have been confirmed as false.

The Coronavirus situation is continuing to develop, with UAE health authorities consistently monitoring and assessing the situation.

As of publishing, the total tally of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the UAE is at least 74. 17 patients recovered successfully the rest are in quarantine and stable condition. One of the cases is a 16-year-old CBSE pupil in Dubai who contracted the virus from her parents who had recently returned from travels.