Summer Camps and Activities in Dubai 2020 |

Ultimate List of Summer Camps and Programmes for Kids in Dubai

Discover our complete guide to Dubai summer camps for 2020 - find summer camps and programmes your kids will love while keeping safe.

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1 July 2020

Last updated on 21 July 2020
Ultimate List of Summer Camps and Programmes for Kids in Dubai

Summer activities, camps, and programmes at Dubai's schools, nurseries, and learning centres that will keep your children engaged.

Although the pandemic has halted summer plans for many families, schools, and businesses around the world, Dubai continues to operate and provide heaps of outdoor and indoor things to do for kids and parents.

There is no shortage of fun summer camps, programmes, and activities that will keep kids busy during the warmer weather. While traditional summer camps may be out of the question for 2020, we've collected a big list of online options that are effective in keeping kids of all ages entertained and busy.

So whether you're looking to keep them learning and sharp, develop an understanding of diversity and culture, or develop new skills over the summer, this list of summer camps and programmes in Dubai for 2020 will deliver.

Be a Globe Trotter with Redwood Montessori Nursery

If summer holidays abroad were cancelled due to the virus, no doubt your child will be feeling pretty bummed. To avoid missing out on trotting the globe, Redwood Montessori Nursery in Dubai offers a fun, immersive, and dynamic program that will take your kid around the world.

Children at this virtual summer camp will have the chance to enjoy and experience the rich cultures and traditions of different countries this summer.

Available at just AED 1,100 per month, families will also be provided with a Weekly Summer Program Resource Kit. 50% discount is available for siblings.

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Virtual summer camps for children in Dubai

Online Summer Camp at Odyssey Nursery

Odyssey Nursery invites children in Dubai to spread their wings and fly with them on a virtual experience around the Earth.

From now until the end of August, kids will have the chance to explore fantastic and progressive opportunities for self-growth. Your child can enjoy at their own pace, developing an understanding of independence and the world around them.

Priced at only AED 1,100 per month, you will also receive a Weekly Summer Program Resource Kit. A 50% discount is available for siblings who join the program.

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Virtual summer camps and programmes for children in Dubai

Learn about diversity and culture with Willow Children's Nursery

While at Willow Children's Nursery's online summer camp, children will develop a greater understanding and exposure on diversity, culture, and international traditions.

At this Dubai summer programme, kids will find a safe and nurturing online environment where early years experts will help them grow and develop over the summer.

Open from July 5th to August 27th, Home Education is also available upon request.

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World Explorers Summer Camp at Willow Children's Nursery