The Uncommon Back-to-School Checklist |

The Uncommon Back-to-School Checklist

While you might have all of the main things covered, what about the other items that might prove useful at school?

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25 August 2016

Last updated on 27 March 2017
The Uncommon Back-to-School Checklist

The Uncommon Back-to-School Checklist

You've got all of the main things covered; bag, books and uniform, but what about the other necessities you'll need for the school year?

There's no denying that we all get somewhat excited at the thought of stationary shopping for a new school year... Throw in with that a trip to get your little one's new school uniform (they're growing up so quickly!) and a sleak pair of new, shiny shoes and you're good to go! 

For many parents, the back-to-school basics are enough when it comes to preparing for the new term. But have you thought about the other non-essential items for school that may just come in handy for the students in your family that you haven't thought about?

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We've come up with a list of uncommon back-to-school items that you may actually find yourself needing.

The Uncommon Back-to-School Checklist

- Pocket-sized tissues: You never know when the sniffles may kick in, and best that they've got a tissue to wipe their nose than their sleeve or school tie.

- Hand sanitiser: Kids pick up germs aplenty at school, which will inevitably end up in your home, so find a kid-friendly santisier as a preventative measure.

- Wallet or purse: Any extra change or money you're sending to school with your child should be kept safely. Let them pick their own wallet, so they can add some of their personality to their school bag!

- Refillable water bottle: With a personalised water bottle, remembering to keep hydrated throughout the day at school will be less of a chore for your budding geniuses.

- Lip balm: As adults we can appreciate how handy one of these in our bag can be! Let your child pick their favourite flavour and help them banish dry lips while sitting in A/C all day long.

- Allergy relief: With all the dust and sand around the place, combined with any pollen from plants in and around the school, it's a no-brainer to send your kid to school with an allergy relief if needed. Especially if they're prone to sneezing at a little dust. 

- Wet wipes: Does this need explaining? They're handy for everyone to carry, you know, just in case there's a spill or sticky fingers occur after lunch or during class.

- Emergency card with contact information: Every child should carry one. Print out a card with your information, which includes your mobile number and any relevant addresses. You may even add any health conditions your child has. Laminate it for extra protection!

- Band-aids: Throwing in one or two spare plasters in your child's pocket in their bag doesn't take room up at all, and they've got something to protect fingers when paper-cuts occur in class.

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- Eyedrops: Especially if your child wears contact lenses, make sure they have a small bottle of eyedrops to protect their eyes from drying out in the A/C or from dust outside.

- Glasses case: A no-brainer if your child wears glasses, but let them pick their case out to showcase their personality.

- Hair-tie: Again, it doesn't take too much room up in their bag, and if the one they're wearing snaps, you've prevented a potentially disastrous "bad hair day" from occuring to your little one. 

- Spare hair brush: Especially on the day they have physical education, it's handy to have a cheap, little hairbrush that they can carry in their sports bag to brush away any tangles from gymnastics or hockey.

- Reusable bag: If you can find a plastic or tote bag that can easily fold in the bottom of their school bag, great! It'll come in handy if ever they need to bring a project home from school. 

Are there any other non-essential items that you find very useful for school that aren't on this list? Let us know in the comments below!