Are You a Trailing Spouse? Maybe It's Time for a Career Change |

Are You a Trailing Spouse? Maybe It's Time for a Career Change

Had to give up your job to follow your family to the UAE? Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start?

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7 July 2019

Last updated on 7 July 2019
University of Birmingham

How about training to be a teacher? The world needs more teachers!

And while some train as new graduates, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to get into teaching later in their lives. Whatever you have done until now, it will have been nothing like teaching!

Real life experience is invaluable and the diversity and richness of life experience that people bring with them makes for a better teacher. Career change teachers are said to be more innovative bring a unique perspective on the teaching profession through challenging the ‘we’ve-always-done-it-that-way’ thinking. Teaching is a career that will use all your professional skills and experience and it’s never too late to retrain!

Here are some great reasons why you should give it some consideration:

  • Every day is different and offers you a new challenge to make a difference to a child’s life
  • You can be creative, using your different talents, skills and experience to inspire others
  • Seeing children grow and develop is a privilege and you will enjoy a fulfilling career

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to explore new activities, develop a hobby you’ve always loved or set up something completely different for students to enjoy
And of course, there are the holidays…

At the UoB Dubai we have seen our first cohort of students successfully complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Education in both primary and secondary. The cohort was diverse and challenged the notion that trainee teachers come straight from undergraduate study. We had a number of different nationalities and ages ranged from 23 to 52!

Malika Chandoo

Malika has recently graduated as a Secondary Maths teacher having successfully completed the Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Birmingham Dubai. As a successful graduate from Oxford University, having obtained a first class degree Arabic and Mathematics, Malika started a career in as chartered account and member of the ICAEW with Price Waterhouse Cooper in the UK.

She then traveled and studied within the ME region gaining experience within the education sector. As her children were growing up she decided to change careers to accommodate her priorities around them, and teacher training has allowed her to do. She has been able to draw on all her previous experience in industry to become an outstanding teacher.

Malika will take up post as a secondary Maths teacher at the prestigious Repton College in September!

University of Birmingham

Angus Russell

Angus has a degree in Sports Science and an MBA. He worked for many years in business start-ups and project management in an international setting from Australia to Thailand, as well as the UK. With his breadth of experience Angus was unique to our PGCE course as he brought maturity and so much experience, adding depth to the diversity of the group. He made the decision to change career in his 50s and has successfully graduated this year as a Science teacher. His previous experience means that he is highly sought after by schools and has been employed by South View School in Remraam to set up and run their science department.

The prospect of making a career move may seem intimidating at first, but such a change is not only attainable but happens far more often than you might expect. Our newly qualified teachers attribute their career happiness to factors like having the opportunity to make a change in a child’s life, to profoundly affect the learning and development of students, and the sheer amount of variety that exists within teaching. While there’s always going to be a chance of risk in any career jump, our PGCE students have thoroughly enjoyed the one year professional course, having the opportunity to work in premium schools like Repton College, Dubai College and Jumeirah English Speaking School.

If you are interested in starting a new adventure and becoming a teacher, please visit our website for more information and details of scholarship opportunities.

University of Birmingham

Dr Anne Raynor

Anne is an experienced educationalist and has been a senior leader in several secondary schools, as well as Head teacher of a number of SEN schools and a school’s inspector. Anne has a particular interest in inclusive education policy in the Middle East.

University of Birmingham