Dubai American Hospital : need latest revues |

Dubai American Hospital : need latest revues

Latest post on 10 June 2017 - 02:04

Dear mums, hope you're doing well. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and seeing Dr. Daisy koh at American hospital . It's my second pregnancy after 10 years. I have seen reviews about this hospital but they are very old ( 2011) and now I'm in search of someone who has recently delievered there. I'm considering VBAC this time . but I'm not sure if I have chosen the right hospital. I like my doctor but We are only scheduled to meet once a month. Whereas at private clinic my doctor used to see me almost every week to make sure if I'm okay and doing fine. It's going to be my first delivery in Dubai and I'm v stressed about the hospital . I will highly appreciate your suggestions. Should I see dr Raj or stay with dr daisy as mostly I have only heard good about dr Raj . Whereas dr daisy told me if she won't be available during my labor ( like if she's off on Friday ) then dr braithwaite will handle my case. I'm not comfortable with this news. Has anyone experienced this ? Please help :( thanks
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Latest post on 06 February 2018 - 09:13
Hi, I am looking for reviews on American can hospital and I met dr daisy she is really good. Although haven’t seen much review about her. I have heard good reviews about dr baithwait. Please share your experience.