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Give birth in Dubai or UK?

Latest post on 02 March 2018 - 20:47

I’m currently 9weeks pregnant (first time!) and facing a huge dilemma. I live in the UK with my husband and in-laws. My family however, live in Dubai. I really want to travel to Dubai for the delivery just so I can have my mum’s support at the time but I’m not sure about the level of care I will receive compared to the UK?
Also another huge factor is cost.. free vs. Upward of 6000 AED... but my in laws are a loud boisterous family and I know I won’t be able to recuperate after the delivery like I would need to, so would it be worth the cost just to escape that?

Basically it boils down to mums care vs. free healthcare... what would you guys choose?

My residence visa is still valid as I come and go a lot but my husband would be coming on a visit visa. Will this be a problem in opening a maternity file?

Also would be grateful if anyone could recommend any good hospitals/doctors in Dubai!

Thanks so much.

Latest post on 06 March 2018 - 09:20
I completely get why you'd want your mum around to help, it's not uncommon... but the birth of your first child should be a precious and as stress-free as possible for you, your husband and your new baby. You live in the UK, I'm assuming you pay taxes and it's the NHS - it's a no brainer. Stay in the UK, don't add extra pressure on yourself, you wouldn't want to fly late in your pregnancy either. Ask if your mum can come to the UK instead... But even if she can't, I strongly believe this should be about you, your husband and your baby. Your husband is there for support, and it should be you two together working through the first days as you both become parents. My advice... Stay in the UK!