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Hesitant to begin TTC in Dubai

Latest post on 26 February 2018 - 12:16

My husband and I are rapidly coming up to that stage where everyone's looking at us next to pop a child out - I'm mid-20s, here's early 30s and I can't help but feel the pressure at the moment from friends, family and even colleagues

I'd love to have a baby one day, but right now with my career and his and our lives in Dubai... it's not at the top of the list

It's on our minds right now because my contraception ends next April (coil) and we all know how much time flies in Dubai

The thing is I wouldn't want to give my job up (company gives only 45 days maternity as per law and it's tooooo short), but my husband's age is playing on my mind

Any advice to share from anyone who was/is in the same boat? Do we continue to wait another couple of years or do we begin to plan now