My tryst with yoga - during and after pregnancy |

My tryst with yoga - during and after pregnancy

Latest post on 20 March 2018 - 11:40

I am Lilian, a 26 year old Indian expat living in Dubai since 2011. I am married, have a 5 year old daughter and am currently expecting another child due in September. I have recently joined this forum to share my experience of pursuing a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and yoga. I would like to mention upfront that I have not sought any yoga training. Whatever I have learnt till date is through observation and practice, and by daily workouts.

I gained 20+ kgs after my first child, and having tried all options I resorted to doing yoga - first in my spare time and then regularly. As a result I lost 18 kgs. Now in first trimester again, I am regularly practicing yoga for 30-40 minutes daily. The techniques I do are - Ujjayi (breathing technique), Tailor's pose and Squatting pose. This has helped me relax quite a bit. In addition to yoga, I also make sure to walk for 20-30 mins every day.

I would love to engage with likeminded women; to share my experiences as well as learn new things for a healthy lifestyle during this phase.