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Al Wasl Area Guide

A family-friendly environment, Al Wasl is favoured by residents who want a peaceful residential lifestyle and the convenience of the city centre

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20 October 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Al Wasl Area Guide

Find out how this neighbourhood combines a tranquil, convenient residential lifestyle with the busyness of city-centre living

Originally a peaceful, quiet residential community, Al Wasl eventually developed recreational and shopping projects in the area that transformed it into a popular hotspot for UAE residents and tourists. These bustling hubs feature gourmet restaurants, chic cafes and bakeries, Instagrammable attractions, family-friendly activities, and an array of other entertainment.

Best known for the popular shopping districts City Walk, Box Park, and high-fashion centre Galleria Mall, Al Wasl also boasts close proximity to seaside leisure, gorgeous residences, and a convenient lifestyle for those who call the area their home.

If you're considering moving to the neighbourhood, we've compiled this handy Al Wasl Area Guide on what amenities and facilities you can expect to find, housing prices, what type of properties are available, and more.

Where is Al Wasl in Dubai?

Public transport in Al Wasl

  • Near to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station
  • RTA bus stops can be found across Al Wasl, with some linking passengers to the Dubai metro stations
  • Dubai taxis are always roaming the streets
  • Car-hailing services are frequent in the area, with residents and tourists opting for Careem or Uber during peak hours

Commute times by car from Al Wasl

  • to Dubai International Airport: 11 minutes
  • to DIFC: 6 minutes
  • to Business Bay: 10 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 30 minutes
  • to Academic City: 20 minutes
  • to Dubai Investments Park: 30 minutes
  • to Palm Jumeirah: 38 minutes
Al Wasl Area Guide

Amenities and facilities in Al Wasl

Whether you're a resident of Al Wasl or a visitor, you can benefit from an abundance of retail, leisure, and dining options in the area including City Walk, Box Park, and more.

  • Grocery and household shopping such as Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithrams, and smaller shops
  • Mosques for the Muslim faith. Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Sikh worship facilities are a short drive away
  • Popular leisure and entertainment developments such as City Walk, the Green Planet, and Galleria Mall
  • An array of schools from early education to high school
  • Hotels and other short-stay services
  • Gym and fitness centres
  • A wide variety of restaurant and cafes with dine-in, takeout, and delivery options
  • Petrol station
  • Community parks
  • Hospitals, clinics, and vets
  • Post office

There are heaps to do in Al Wasl for the whole family. Entertainment and leisure can be found at popular hotspots such as City Walk, which has a cinema theatre, a variety of public performances, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and indoor leisure for children, teens, and adults. Children will love the Green Planet by Meraas, which houses several birds, animals, and more - many of which freely fly around or move without cages.

Other shopping districts in Al Wasl include the ultra-modern Box Park, a retail and dining development made from recycled shipping containers, and Galleria Mall, a single-storey shopping centre offering high-end brands.

Dotted across the neighbourhood are a selection of prestigious nurseries and schools, some of which received an "Outstanding" rating from the KHDA. These learning institutions deliver international learning through IB education, the UK National curriculum, and even the Japanese learning system.

To find the nearest school that will suit your child and lifestyle, have a browse through our dedicated guide to schools in Dubai here. For nursery options, our guide to nurseries in Dubai will help you find the best pick for your little one.

One of the biggest benefits for families living in Al Wasl is the variety of hospitals, clinics, and other health centres. Multi-speciality hospitals, clinics, and vets are available within walking distance or less than 5-minute drive away.

For practitioners of the Muslim faith, there are over three mosques in the area. For those belonging to the Sikh faith, the neighbouring Al Safa district is home to a Gurdwara Temple. Krishna and Shiva temples are only a 15-minute drive away in Meena Bazaar for those of the Hindu faith. Christians and Catholics will find that St. Mary's Catholic Chuch and Holy Trinity Church are no more than 20-minutes away in the Oud Metha area.

Looking for the nearest salon or spa for a new hairstyle, spa day, or a pick-me-up treatment? Al Wasl has a range of beauty centres located within the community, several of which are highly reviewed and frequented by residents and visitors.

What's life like in Al Wasl?

    Everything you need is within walking distance or a short drive away
  • Plenty of public transport and pedestrian-friendly routes, making it great for those who prefer the pedestrian life or don't drive
  • Great entertainment, dining, and leisure options for everyone in the family
  • Bustling tourist hotspot in certain areas, so there are crowds during the winter season
  • Between 20-30 minutes away from other areas in Dubai by car
  • Al Wasl is a great place for families, couples, and working professionals to live in. With a variety of supermarkets, hospitals, spas/salons, schools, restaurants, and shopping hubs near your doorstep, living in Al Wasl can spoil you with convenience and choice.

    Regardless of whether you drive or not, Al Wasl is well-connected to other areas in Dubai through RTA buses, metro stations, and its close proximity to other neighbourhoods means a taxi, Careem, or Uber won't cost too much.

    As the community is connected by the Sheikh Zayed road and to popular areas such as Downtown Dubai and Al Safa, you can expect traffic around Al Wasl. It becomes heavily congested when there is an event happening nearby, such as the New Year's Eve fireworks or a public parade.

    The beach is also closeby at less than a 15-minute drive away. During the weekend, visiting the beach, shopping, dining, or enjoying leisurely activities are popular pastimes for residents.

Al Wasl Area Guide

Al Wasl by day

Quiet and serene in the residential areas. The streets are typically empty, save for the occasional resident or visitor running errands. Mornings aren't too busy either - the most activity is families getting ready to leave for work or school. It's busier closer to and within the hotposts of Al Wasl, more so during the cooler months.

UAE residents and tourists can be spotted in popular areas.

Al Wasl by night

For the residential areas, it's just as quiet and peaceful. There'll be the occasional jogger or dog-walker on the streets.

Shopping districts, restaurants, and cafes see more customers and visitors. It's busy in areas such as City Walk and Box Park, with people meeting with friends for shopping, dinner, or shisha, and families enjoying a night out.

Al Wasl Area Guide

Who lives in Al Wasl?

  • Expat families and couples
  • UAE nationals with large families

The tranquil residential lifestyle combined with the abundance of amenities, nightlife, and close proximity to popular districts such as Downtown Dubai and Business Bay makes Al Wasl an attractive location for many.

Properties for rent and sale in Al Wasl

Average rental prices for Al Wasl are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 50,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 65,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 100,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 110,000
  • 5 bedroom villa: AED 250,000

Average sales prices for properties in Al Wasl are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 1,600,000
  • 6 bedroom villa: AED 10,000,000
  • 7 bedroom villa: AED 14,900,000
Al Wasl Area Guide

What are properties like in Al Wasl?

You'll find a mix of beautiful low to mid-rise apartments and contemporary, spacious villas in Al Wasl. So whether you're looking for the privacy of a villa or the convenience of/budget-friendly option of an apartment, there are lots of stylish selections in the community. Some buildings and villas are modeled after traditional Islamic architecture while the other properties draw from the Andalusian style.

Apartments in Al Wasl are usually well-maintained, includes covered parking spaces, and guarded 24/7 with security, CCTV camera, and password entrance. Some of these flats include an indoor gym and swimming pool.

If you're searching for a home that delivers luxury for your dirhams, the highly sought-after Galleria Villas are a great option - these houses are also linked to the high-end Galleria Mall in Al Wasl.

Al Wasl Area Guide
Al Wasl Area Guide

What are the noise levels like in Al Wasl?

It's rare for any loud, outdoor noises to penetrate the walls of the villas. The residential neighbourhood is typically quiet, with infrequent sounds of a car engine, construction or maintenance, or gardening machinery.

There is more noise the closer you get to the Al Wasl hotspots as these areas are rife with activity. Events and performances bring with them high volumes of sound, however, these don't carry to bother apartments and villas in the neighbourhood, thanks to the well-enough distance and the build of these residential units.