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Barsha Heights Area Guide

All about what life is like in the place formerly known as Tecom

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30 June 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Barsha Heights, formally known as Tecom, is a vibrant fast-moving community.

The mixed-use area is made of high-rise apartment towers and is placed between Al Barsha and The Greens, and is opposite Media City. Residents living here will find a host of commercial and residential buildings, as well as hotels around the community.

Thanks to its wide range of affordable accommodation available - from a studio, up to 3 or 4 bedroom apartments - the area is attractive to singletons, young couples, young families and professionals working in the area or nearby.

In 2016, TECOM Group rebranded the old Tecom the heart of 'New Dubai' and renamed the community. With its new name, Barsha Heights is part of the ongoing commitment of TECOM Group to deliver sustainable, holistic communities and continuously enhance the environment and lifestyle in the area.

The neighbourhood is centrally-located and integrates living and working spaces seamlessly. It has excellent access to Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Khail Road plus the Dubai Internet City Dubai Metro station is directly connected to the area.

It has most of the major supermarkets within it as well as many hotels and bars. There is still some construction going on and landscaping has yet to be finished but this causes little disruption.

Where is Barsha Heights in Dubai?

Public Transport in Barsha Heights

  • Direct access to Dubai Internet City Dubai Metro station
  • RTA buses F31 and F35 serve the area
  • National taxis are very easy to find

Commute times by car from Barsha Heights

  • to Dubai International Airport: 21 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 15 minutes
  • to Dubai Studio City: 15 minutes
  • to Dubai Marina: 10 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 20 minutes
  • to Mirdif: 35 minutes
Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Amenities and facilities in Barsha Heights

For residents who are living in or new in Barsha Heights, the following public amenities and facilities are on offer in the neighbourhood:

  • HUGE variety of restaurants to suit all tastes
  • Various supermarkets; from small grocery stores to larger named brands
  • A number of pharmacies within walking distance of most buildings
  • Laundry services readily available
  • Local mosque serves the area

A surplus of restaurants can be found in Barsha Heights, with anything from Thai to Italian and so much more. There is a large selection of shops such as Carrefour, Geant, Park & Shop, and many smaller corner shops dotted around the community.

If you have younger kids you can send them to Happy Learning Nursery within the community or you can play with your little ones in one of the parks. There are also schools and universities near the area, with easy access on arterial roads. Everything you could need is at your fingertips... And if you can't find something specific, you have easy access to other populated areas of the city on the Dubai Metro line.

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What's life like in Barsha Heights?

The community has a busy and fastpaced lifestyle, and you have everything you need at your fingertips. Residents here are primarily young singles or couples, or young families who take advantage of the affordable rents here.

It's a great place to live if you love a city lifestyle, and crave a buzzing atmosphere... Especially as there are things going on all day and night. The area has many mini versions of major supermarkets, like Carrefour and Park & Shop. It's also very close to the Greens Community Centre, which has a Choithram's - so food shopping is very easy, and all within walking distance. There's many beauty salons, smaller grocery stores, banks, an African & Eastern and pharmacies too.

Tourists even stay here during peak season, with many boutique and low-budget hotels offering great rates. For residents, this means nightlife is on your doorstep at all times thanks to the many hotels here. There's even a Belgian Beer Cafe, Nelsons and Rock Bottom! It's very easy to get taxis here, and you are very close to what 'New Dubai' has to offer.

If you're seeking greenery and serenity or villa living, this place isn't for you. Barsha Heights, like its name suggests, is a concrete jungle.

Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide
Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Barsha Heights by day

By day you’ll find people going about their day; professionals heading to work, school children hopping on the school bus, home help running errands and friends meeting for lunch. Dog-walking, people running or exercising are also common sights. With hotels being here, during the tourist-populated months you’ll find them going out to explore Dubai.

Barsha Heights by night

By night you’ll find people coming home for the day, some stay in while others are back out the door to start their night. There are many restaurants to choose from within the community, residents also have a few choices of lounges and casual bars. Foodies moving here will be pleased to discover an array of dining options; from Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and more - and most, if not all, also include fast home delivery.

Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Who lives in Barsha Heights?

As is true of anywhere in Dubai, expect to have a diversity of neighbours if you move here. You'll come across couples, singles, professionals and families who all live in Barsha Heights. As we've mentioned, the area isn't ideal for larger families or those who seek a quieter, greener lifestyle.

Parents with children enrolled in the local nursery will find living here very convenient; however, extra care must be taken when walking around as some areas still have pavements and walkways that are yet to be completed.

Barsha Heights is extremely practical for any young adults seeking higher education as the community is next to Knowledge Village, which is home to many internationally accredited universities.

Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Properties for rent and sale in Barsha Heights

Average rental prices in Barsha Heights are as follows:

  • Studio: AED 50,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 65,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 80,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 100,000

Avreage sales price for properties in Barsha Heights are as follows:

  • Studio: AED 650,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 900,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 1,200,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 1,800,000

What are properties like in Barsha Heights?

You’ll find high rise apartments with a moderate price range around Barsha Heights. The size, view and quality of where you live will depend on your building.

Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide
Barsha Heights in Dubai Area Guide

Parking in Barsha Heights

For car owners, most buildings in Barsha Heights allocate basement parking for tenants. Plus, there's plenty of paid public parking spaces around the area provided by RTA.

What are noise levels like in Barsha Heights?

If you are living on the outskirts of Barsha Heights or facing towards SZR you will face some noise. As the community is still up and coming, if you find yourself living next to a construction site, you will also hear noise throughout the day. If it’s a quiet and tranquil place you're looking for, Barsha Heights probably isn’t for you.