Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide |

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

The residential community is designed to define a new luxurious lifestyle for Dubai residents

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15 September 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

Explore an up and coming city within the city...

Dubai Hills Estate is a joint development between Dubai-based Emaar and Meraas Holding - a collection of residential neighbourhoods set within vast stretches of gardens, parks, open areas, and walkways. The area spans at over an extensive 11 million square meteres.

It's the first phase of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City, best described as a "city within the city" and will consist of 4,600 villas, 22,000 flats, the massive Dubai Hills Mall - a 143,000 square metres shopping centre, 197,000 square metres of office spaces, stunning golf course offering views of the Burj Khalifa, two hotels, a tennis centre, and 45 km long routes for jogging and cycling.

Three zones have been planned for Dubai Hills Estate:

The golf course area will comprise of 97 villas and 300 upcoming villas planned for two further communities: the Parkways and the Fairways.

The zone facing north near Al Khail Road will have two shopping malls, mid-rise residential towers built along a 7 km long boulevard with a variety of shopping and dining options.

The third zone is designed for higher density villas and townhouses set within two residential communities: Sidra and Maple. Sidra has three phases: the first has 170 villas, 160 for the second, and the third phase is yet to be launched. Maple 1 and 2 have more than 1,300 townhouses underway.

Dubai Hills will overall become a high-end, opulent community tailored around families and entertainment. It's a family-friendly community with plenty of amenities planned for its future residents and visitors, and with its sprawling green spaces, high-end residential areas, and upcoming shops, it's no wonder Dubai Hills Estate is attracting a lot of investors. It's worth noting that while some areas may become accessible over time, the project is still developing and will be completed in 2021.

Where is Dubai Hills Estate in Dubai?

Public transport in Dubai Hills Estate

Two metro lines are planned to open near the district, but as of now the Mall of the Emirates metro station is the closest one. The nearest bus station is located in the neighbouring Al Barsha. When the area has been developed more, Dubai Hills Estate will have its own bus stops running through the community.

Commute times by car from Dubai Hills Estate

  • to Dubai International Airport: 21 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 21 minutes
  • to Dubai Studio City: 14 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 17 minutes
  • to Palm Jumeirah: 36 minutes
  • to Dubai Internet City: 13 minutes
  • to Mall of the Emirates: 12 minutes
  • to Dubai Investments Park: 18 minutes
Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

Amenities and facilities in Dubai Hills Estate

As Dubai Hills Estate is set to open a 7 km long shopping boulevard, on top of the developing mega-mall Dubai Hills Mall, future residents and visitors of this affluent community can expect to be spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure options.

These are the upcoming amenities in Dubai Hills Estate:

  • Dubai Hills Mall - a gigantic shopping destination that may just rival Mall of the Emirates
  • A tennis academy
  • Schooling options from nursery to highschool
  • Heaps of restaurants and cafes
  • Landscaped local parks and open areas

With many more to come upon its completion.

A hypermarket is proposed to open in the Dubai Malls Mall. The Barsha community next door also offers many supermarkets and grocery shops that are within a short driving distance for Dubai Hills Estate residents.

The closest prayer facilities are the mosques and churches found in Al Quoz and Al Barsha south, which are all within a 10-minute drive.

British curriculum schools are located just 10 minutes away from Dubai Hills Estate, offering Foundation Stage (FS1) until A/AS-Levels. Other schools nearby follow the IB and US curriculum from pre-primary education to Year 12. The closest CBSE schools can be found along Al Khail Road next to Dubai Hills Estate.

For higher education, Knowledge Village is home to a variety of universities and other educational institutions.

Located just outside Dubai Hills Estate is a large British hospital with a 100-bed facility, surgical unit, and specialises in paediatric orthopaedic cases. Plenty of other hospitals, clinics, and vets are situated in the neighbouring community.

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

What's life like in Dubai Hills Estate?

With all the planned developments and sneak previews for Dubai Hills Estate, life in the district is set to be a family-friendly, peaceful one anchored by a vast central park and residential, office, hospitality, and retail properties.

The abundance of parks and open spaces will see a common sight of people enjoying the greenery - residents and visitors on picnics, walks, a day out, jogging, exercising, cycling, walking their dogs. Mornings will experience the typical rush hour of school buses bringing children to school and workers traveling to their jobs.

Afternoons will likely become busier and Dubai Hills Mall will fill in with shoppers and students meeting friends after school. The coming mall is being built to be the largest in the world and the largest family entertainment complex in the region.

As of now, Dubai Hills Estate is still under construction.

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

Dubai Hills Estate by day

Expected to be quieter during the day - most residents will be away from the morning to the afternoon at school, work, or running errands.

Dubai Hills Estate by night

Likely, more activity when it's evening when families decide to go outside to the local mall, boulevard, parks, or golf course. With a massive shopping mall, cinema, stores, and dining places on the way, Dubai Hills Estate will become a go-to destination.

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

Who lives in Dubai Hills Estate?

Dubai Hills Estate is a luxurious residential district, with its properties and amenities attracting:

  • Affluent working professionals
  • Families
  • UAE nationals

Properties for rent and sale in Dubai Hills Estate

Average rental prices for Dubai Hills Estate apartments are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 57,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 80,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 130,000
  • 4 bedroom apartment: AED 180,000

Average sales prices for apartments in Dubai Hill Estate are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 750,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 1,500,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 2,950,000
  • 4 bedroom apartment: AED 3,000,000

Average sales prices for villas in Dubai Hill Estate are as follows:

  • 2 bedroom villa: AED 1,500,000
  • 3 bedroom villa: AED 2,500,000
  • 4 bedroom villa: AED 3,500,000
  • 5 bedroom villa: AED 4,000,000
Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

What are properties like in Dubai Hills Estate?

The community is a popular investment among residents. Many young couples and families are attracted to the district for its modern architecture, proposed amenities, proximity to Dubai business hubs and other facilities, and open green spaces.

The residential units in the area consist of villas, townhouses, apartment complexes, luxury mansions, and development plots.

Apartments in Dubai Hills Estate are on the affordable/mid-range area and are found in the following developments: Golf Suites by Emaar, Park Ridge, Park Heights, Collective, and Collective 2.0. The cheapest is the 1-bedroom apartments with prices starting from AED 643,000 per year.

For those searching for family homes - the limited villas and townhouses are built within exclusive gated communities that come with lavish green areas and local gardens. Dubai Hills Estate townhouses are quite large with none being smaller than 2,000 square feet. These properties include covered parking space, a private garden, swimming pool, and maid's room. The more luxurious townhouses and villas are located at Golf Suites by Emaar, where residents can live right along a stunning golf course that offers beautiful skyline views.

Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide
Dubai Hills Estate Area Guide

What are noise levels like in Dubai Hills Estate?

Dubai Hills Estate will be fully complete in 2021, so while some areas may open, the on-going construction may result in noise issues for residents. In the villas and townhouses away from major construction sites or are generously spaced between other houses, there will be little noise and will mostly be tranquil.