Dubai International City Area Guide |

Dubai International City Area Guide

One of the most uniquely designed areas in Dubai, International City is sought after for its cosmopolitan and budget-friendly environment

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29 November 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Dubai International City Area Guide

Explore one of the most affordable communities to live in Dubai, with architecture mirroring that of some of the world's biggest countries

Sought after by Dubai residents for its modest price tag and unique development, if you venture to this district you will find out exactly why it's called International City. Launched in 2002 by developer Nakheel, the neighbourhood is made up of low-rise, country-themed apartment clusters that offer residents the convenience, perks, and vibe of gated community life without the heavy rent.

Located within easy reach of education zone Dubai Academic City, International City sits near Al Awir Road but enjoys much cheaper rents than their popular neighbour, Dubai Silicon Oasis.

While the area initially faced a lack of public confidence due to sanitation issues with a sewage treatment plant, International City has since then developed into a sought-after place to live in Dubai thanks to the expansion of restaurants, cafes, and shops - including the retail mammoths Dragon Mart 1 and 2 where you're sure to find major deals, obscure shopping finds, and entertainment.

If you're considering moving into International City, we've compiled this handy area guide to assist you with all there is to know about the community.

Where is International City in Dubai?

Public transport in Dubai International City

While there are no Dubai metro stations located within or in close proximity to International City, there are several RTA public buses that run through the district. Some of them are feeder buses that link commuters directly to the nearest Dubai metro station - Al Rashidiya station.

Finding an available RTA taxi may be difficult during peak hours, making residents and visitors to International City use other car-hailing services such as Careem and Uber.

Travel time by car from Dubai International City

  • to Dubai International Airport (DXB): 16 minutes
  • to Academic City: 9 minutes
  • to Silicon Oasis: 12 minutes
  • to Dubai Media City: 31 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 24 minutes
  • to Jumeirah: 25 minutes

Amenities and facilities in International City

The following amenities can be found in International City:

  • Supermarkets and small grocery stores such as Carrefour Market and Union Co-op
  • A range of restaurants and cafes offering international menus with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options
  • Nurseries and early learning centres
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Salons and spas
  • Photography and printing studios
  • Clinics and pharmacies

Residents and visitors at International City benefit from a wide selection of amenities. Even if you can't find what you're looking for in the neighbourhood, Dragon Mart 1 and 2 - the massive shopping complexes, are located nearby and offers an abundance of retail, dining, and entertainment for everyone.

The majority of supermarkets, grocery shops, restaurants, and cafes are located on the ground floor of the apartment buildings, adding to the convenience of residents as you can simply place an order or take a few minutes to walk to your destination.

There are a few pre-schools available in International City. To find the nearest and most suitable one for you and your little one's lifestyle, have a look through our guide to Dubai's nurseries.

For more hospital and clinic options, check out our dedicated wellness directory to find the best doctor, hospital, clinic, and other health centre in Dubai.

What's life like in International City?

  • Abundance of retail, dining, and entertainment options
  • Located near Dragon Mart 1 and 2, Dubai Safari Park, Academic City, and Silicon Oasis
  • Lack of a hefty price tag makes it a popular residential community among UAE residents
  • Residents living a convenient lifestyle thanks to the many groceries, launderettes, salons, etc. available in the neighbourhood
  • Peaceful community living
  • A prime location to many nurseries, schools, and universities in Dubai, making it a great long-term place to raise a family in
International City Area Guide

Dubai International City by day

During the morning, International City experiences rush hour as residents make their way to work or school. Throughout the day you might spot people running errands, going for a walk/jog around the neighbourhood, or grabbing a drink or a bite in the area. The community itself is not a major tourist spot and benefits from a peaceful environment due to its far proximity from the city centre.

Dubai International City by night

At night, International City picks up in activity as some residents head out for dinner, meet up with friends, or catch an after-work jog.

International City by day

Who lives in International City?

Most, if not all, the residents in International City are made up of expat singles and families . With the neighbouring Dubai Silicon Oasis and Academic City offering a variety of schooling options from nurseries to universities, the residential community has seen an increase of expat parents living in the district with their children.

The affordability of the apartment units is also attractive to many working bachelors and bachelorettes in Dubai.

Properties for rent and sale in International City

Average annual rental prices in International City are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 20,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 30,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 50,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 75,000

Average sales price for properties in International City are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 235,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 330,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 550,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 1,400,000
Properties in Dubai International City

What are properties like International City?

International City draws its architectural inspiration from various countries and it is made up of four residential projects - the Residential Districts, the Central District, the Forbidden City, and Warsaw Village.

The Residential Districts are a collection of low-rise, modestly priced, country-themed apartments that reflect traditional architecture from the country it's respectively named after. These homes are split into the following clusters:

  • China Cluster
  • England Cluster
  • France Cluster
  • Persia Cluster
  • Greece Cluster
  • Russia Cluster
  • Spain Cluster
  • Morocco Cluster
  • Italy Cluster
  • Emirates Cluster

At the Residential Districts, you will experience a lifestyle that is similar to gated communities due to its security and tranquility.

Made up of modern, stylish, and luxurious residences, the Central District in International City features 24-hour security, private gyms, parks, parking spaces, swimming pools, and sports courts.

The Forbidden City is an upcoming residential project based on the Forbidden City of Beijing, China and will span across an area of 240,000 square metres with parking spaces for up to 2,000 vehicles.

Set to include 250 apartments and 942 townhouses, the Warsan Village is a work-in-progress enclave that will be in close proximity to the France District.

Parking in International City

There are plenty of open-air parking facilities outside the apartments as well as paid parking spots near commercial buildings.

International City residences
International City buildings

What are noise levels like in International City?

International City is typically quiet from the morning to the late afternoon as it a residential community located far from Dubai's main tourist spots. You might hear the occasional noises of construction from development projects, minor traffic noises, and sounds from the neighbours (celebrations, vacuum cleaners, loud TVs, etc.) due to the apartment build.