Dubai Studio City Area Guide |

Dubai Studio City Area Guide

Ideal for those working in or nearby, Dubai Studio City is a commercial hub that also offers modest living and other everyday options

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16 November 2021

Last updated on 16 November 2021
Dubai Studio City Area Guide for UAE residents

There are plenty of options for residents in Dubai Studio City, both within and in neighbouring areas.

Living and working in Studio City feels as though you are separated from the rest of Dubai, as it is nestled near pleasant, family-friendly communities a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

While the neighbourhood is better known for being a business hub for film-making companies, media businesses, and marketing agencies, Dubai Studio City does offer a modest apartment lifestyle.

If you're considering moving to this neighbourhood in the emirate, we've compiled a handy Dubai Studio City area guide featuring everything UAE residents must know beforehand.

From estimated car commute timings and what facilities are available nearby, here's a guide on what Studio City has to offer.

Where is Studio City in Dubai?

Public transport in Dubai Studio City

  • Dubai Studio City, Operation Office 2
  • Dubai Studio City Entrance 1-1

Two RTA buses (F30 and F32) connect Dubai Studio City to the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station. The other public buses will connect you to Arabian Ranches, Dubai Investments Park, Remraam, and Sports City.

RTA taxis are usually found parked near the bus stops, but if you're unable to get a taxi nearby, cabs are available for online booking near the area.

Commute times by car from Dubai Studio City

You can reach the following from Dubai Studio City:

  • To Jebel Ali – 24 minutes
  • To Dubai Marina – 17 minutes
  • To Dubai Mall – 23 minutes
  • To DIFC – 22 minutes
  • To Dubai International Airport (DXB) – 25 minutes
  • To Deira – 30 minutes
Dubai Studio City area guide

Pictured: Shops in Dubai Studio City.

Amenities and facilities in or near Dubai Studio City

For residents who are living in or near to Dubai Studio City, the following public amenities and facilities are available:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Women's hair and nail salons
  • Men's barber shops
  • Copy and printing shop
  • Dubai Development Authority branch
  • A hotel
  • A mix of different retail options, including pet shops, flower stores, etc. - More are available in the neighbouring Motor City area
  • Casual to semi-fine dining options. You can also find more restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Motor City
  • Small public parks with children's playgrounds, greenery, and places to relax
  • Prayer rooms and a mosque
  • Schools and nurseries in neighbouring communities
  • Medical centres and pharmacies
  • Fitness centre/gym
  • ATMs
  • Plenty of media and marketing agencies, as well as recording studios and film-making companies

There are several retail outlets selling a variety of items from clothes and shoes to home goods, kitchenware, toys, etc. in the neighbouring Motor City.

Restaurants and cafes are available both in Studio City and Motor City, perfect for a catch-up with friends, business lunches, work meetings, or an evening out with family or friends.

There is a local nursery for little ones, but if you are looking for schooling options, there is one English-speaking school situated between Studio City and Uptown Motor City.

If you're looking for other types of school curricula, there are plenty of schools available to residents in neighbouring areas that are only a short drive to/from. You can browse our Education Guide in Dubai to explore your options.

For hospitals, clinics, dentists, and other medical centres in Dubai, you can find the nearest one to you by using our wellness directory, here

Overall, you'll find almost everything you need for daily living in or near Studio City, including supermarkets, salons, and restaurants.

However, the neighbourhood is still a relatively small one and focuses more as a business hub for film-making, media, and marketing. For other facilities such as banks, car and auto garages, sports and recreation centres, etc., you will need to make trips to neighbouring communities such as Motor City, Arabian Ranches, and Sports City.

Dubai Studio City Area Guide UAE

Pictured: Discovery Tower at Dubai Studio City.

What’s life like in Dubai Studio City?

  • Residents are mostly families, couples, and the occasional working singles.
  • A less fast-paced lifestyle compared to how hectic other commercial living areas in Dubai can be.
  • A good number of shopping, dining, and entertainment options nearby.
  • Not a highly sought-after place to live by expats in Dubai, so it's peaceful.

Dubai Studio City during the day

Since Dubai Studio City is dominantly a commercial hub, it's not uncommon to see working professionals around the area, mostly closer to the office buildings.

During the day and often well into the night, there'll be plenty of working expats in Studio City, mostly in the fields of film-making, marketing, IT, public relations, design, media, etc. When not in their offices, they're usually hanging around outside for a short break, coffee run, or lunch meetings.

Families in the area use community-shared public facilities including the parks and children's play zones. It's a pleasant place to live for families, as its small area size encourages making friends and chatting with your neighbours.

You might also find residents jogging around, walking their pets, or going for a stroll with their children. A school is located nearby, so you might spot students visiting Studio City for their parents, or walking around Motor City with friends after classes.

Studio City residents who drive will be pleased to know that there are heaps of activities for families to enjoy nearby. The Dubai Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden, Dubai Autodrome, and Mall of the Emirates take less than 20 minutes to reach by car.

Global Village, a popular shopping and entertainment destination in Dubai, is also located around 20 minutes away. It's a great place to visit whenever its season returns.

It’s also a great place to live for those who enjoy golf, automobiles, racing, polo, and equestrian activities, as the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai Autodrome, and Trump International Golf Club are located nearby.

Dubai Studio City at night

By night time, Studio City falls even more quiet. There will be expats working late in their offices, and children playing outside their homes with their nannies or parents keeping watch.

The overall vibe of Studio City is a peaceful one, where you can live, study, or work without the busy, thronging, hectic atmosphere of other commercial centres in the city.

Dubai Studio City area guide

Pictured: Public park in Dubai Studio City.

Who lives in or near Dubai Studio City?

  • Families
  • Couples and bachelors
  • Pet owners

The area attracts more families than singles, and the expat nationalities residing in Studio City are diverse. People who choose to live in this neighbourhood are typically those who own cars and drive, with a preference for living away from the busy city centre.

There are also couples and bachelors in Studio City who prefer to commute by public transport, and decided to move to the area due to its close proximity to work.

Dubai Studio City area guide

Pictured: Parking lot near Discovery Tower at Dubai Studio City.

Properties for rent and sale at Dubai Studio City

Average annual rental prices in Dubai Studio City are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 29,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 55,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 65,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 75,000

Average sales prices for properties in Dubai Studio City are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 420,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 575,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 850,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 1,000,000
Dubai Studio City area guide

Pictured: Apartments in Dubai Studio City.

What are properties like near Dubai Studio City?

Dubai Studio City offers plenty of low to mid-rise modern apartments, each one located just a short distance away from retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, medical centres, etc., or just a few minutes by car.

The annual rent for studio apartments to 2-bedroom apartments is moderate and can suit working expat families in Dubai.

Apartments in Studio City are usually lush and feature floor length windows, built-in wardrobes, 24-hour security, numpad or keycard access to the building, private parking for the building's residents, shared indoor gyms, shared indoor or outdoor swimming pools, and more.

Some of the more luxurious properties available in Studio City offer mini golf courses, and provides each apartment home their own private swimming pool and leisure deck.

What are the noise levels at Dubai Studio City?

With the exception of the occasional construction and traffic noises, it is quite peaceful living in Studio City.