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Jumeirah 2 Area Guide

Your guide to properties, amenities, facilities, and the everyday lifestyle in Dubai's seaside residential community, Jumeirah 2

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5 August 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2020
Jumeirah 2 Area  Guide

Jumeirah 2 is a tranquil suburban neighbourhood that's not too far from the city centre

An upscale, beachfront community that offers an abundance of high-end restaurants, health centres, luxurious residential options, stunning sea views, and is within close proximity to some of Dubai's most popular shopping districts. It's no surprise Jumeirah 2 is an attractive residential choice for UAE nationals and expats alike.

We've compiled all there is to know about the properties, lifestyle, location, amenities available, including an average day in Jumeirah 2.

Where is Jumeirah 2 in Dubai?

Jumeirah 2 Area Guide

Jumeirah 2 Area Guide Location Map

Public Transport in Jumeirah 2

  • RTA bus to Deira City Centre Metro station
  • RTA buses C10, 81, 9, 88, N55, X28, and 15 serve the area
  • RTA taxis are very easy to find
  • Car-hailing services such as Careem and Uber are popular among residents in Jumeirah 2

Commute times by car from Jumeirah 2

  • to Dubai International Airport: 16 minutes
  • to DIFC: 10 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 13 minutes
  • to Mall of the Emirates: 15 minutes
  • to Business Bay: 10 minutes
  • to Dubai Design District: 19 minutes
  • to Jumeirah Beach: 8 minutes
Jumeirah 2 Area Guide

Aerial view of Jumeirah 2 Dubai

Amenities and facilities in Jumeirah 2

Residents in Jumeirah 2 will find a wide selection of amenities and facilities to maintain a convenient lifestyle.

  • Upscale eateries with dine-in and takeout options such as Omnia Gourmet, Big Chefs Studio, Manga Sushi, and Tea Way
  • Local mosques within the area
  • Consulate of Kenya
  • Jumeirah Archeological Site
  • Health facilities including Aesthetica Clinic, Emirates Hospital, Montreal International Clinic, etc.
  • Gym and fitness centres
  • Shopping districts such as Jumeirah Box Park
  • Gas stations
  • Few nurseries: Green Grass Nursery, Great Minds Nursery, The Little Dreamers Nursery, and Art Village Nursery
  • Supermarkets: Waitrose and Choithrams
  • Union National Bank

For Jumeirah 2 residents, there are heaps of dining options featuring Middle Eastern, British, Asian, and European menus.

There are not many schools that parents can choose from within the neighbourhood, however, there are more nurseries and schools for children in the neighbouring communities such as Al Wasl, Jumeirah 1, and Jumeirah 2. These are only a few minutes drive away. Check out our guide to Dubai's nurseries and schools to find the nearest one to you.

There is a good number of health centres and hospitals for residents to choose from to get the best service for their health needs. Women can also enjoy relaxing, wellbeing sessions at the Dubai Ladies Club. For more hospital and clinic options, you can find the nearest one to you using our directory here.

Jumeirah 2 residents will find that the closest supermarkets available are Waitrose and Choithrams on Al Wasl Road, and Carrefour Market in Jumeirah 1 which only takes a 4-minute drive. There are some grocery stores around the area, but the food shopping selection is smaller.

Other facilities include spas, salons, photography and printing shops, flower and gift stores, and more. If that's not enough, you can also find places with a surplus of shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. as popular places such as City Walk and The Dubai Mall can be reached by a short car drive.

What's life like in Jumeirah 2?

Residents in Jumeirah 2 are offered a tranquil, urban lifestyle with proximity to some of Dubai's prime business districts and extravagant shopping centres. This coastal community boasts stunning coastline views as the neighbourhood is lined by beaches and a part of the Dubai Canal.

Residents live in spacious homes ranging from villas, townhouses, and upscale apartments. Dining out from breakfast to dinner is a lavish affair as there are mostly high-end restaurants around the area.

In the morning, you can spot families busily preparing for their day with parents driving to work and yellow school buses circling the streets to pick up students. Throughout the morning, you'll find the occasional gardeners pruning bushes and trees. House mums tend to frequent the boutiques in the neighbourhood to enjoy a refreshing salon and spa day, tea or coffee with friends, or to run their daily errands. Dogs can be seen on a walk with their owners around the streets, beaches, and open green spaces.

It's busier near landmarks such as the beaches, boutique shops, and Dubai Canal, where you'll find most of Jumeirah 2's popular daytime activities: going to the beach, shopping, and dining.

Jumeirah 2 Area Guide
Jumeirah 2 Area Guide

Pictured: Box Park

Jumeirah 2 by day

Quiet in the residential areas, but has a more fast pace near popular locations. Main roads tend to be busy with traffic in the mornings and early afternoons as parents drive to work and children head to school. Open-air green spaces near the beaches attract residents, passing visitors, and outdoor workers to relax in the shades and enjoy a brief break.

Jumeirah 2 by night

Beaches have fewer people during the evenings as they migrate towards the nearest restaurants available after a day of sun, sand, and water. Late afternoon and evening joggers (often with pets) use the boardwalk as their running path.

Who lives in Jumeirah 2?

  • Expats with families
  • Couples with pets
  • UAE Nationals

Jumeirah 2 is a prestigious, residential community that pulls in both UAE locals and expats, most of which are affluent families who hold high work positions and come from large companies or run their own businesses.

Those who plan to raise their family in a quiet and safe neighbourhood while maintaining a great suburban lifestyle will find Jumeirah 2 to be an ideal location.

Properties for rent and sale in Jumeirah 2

Average rental prices in Jumeirah 2 are as follows:

  • Studio apartment: AED 55,000
  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 80,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 100,000
  • 3 bedroom villa: AED 170,000
  • 4 bedroom villa: AED 200,000
  • 5 bedroom villa: AED 230,000

Avreage sales price for properties in Jumeirah 2 are as follows:

  • 3 bedroom villa: AED 4,000,000
  • 4 bedroom villa: AED 5,000,000

What are properties like in Jumeirah 2?

The villas range between urban, contemporary-style residential units that are connected wall-to-wall, and homes that are generously spaced between each other. Majority of the properties have covered parking, high ceilings, big balconies, a garden, a swimming pool, and most have maid rooms.

As Jumeirah 2 is a beachfront district, some villas and townhouses offer gorgeous sea views.

There are plenty of outdoor spots to park in, however, some of these could be parking spaces for home-owners. Paid parking spots can be found around amenities and facilities.

Apartments in Jumeirah 2 are mostly low-rise and spacious, ideal for smaller families. These flats usually have 24-hour security, skyline or beachside views, and covered parking.

Jumeirah 2 Area Guide
Jumeirah 2 Area Guide

What are noise levels like in Jumeirah 2?

The residential areas in Jumeirah 2 are quiet, save for the occasional sounds of house parties, gardeners using machinery and other tools to clean, and children playing. These aren't a problem though because there are more than enough spaces between the majority of villas and townhouses to reduce the noise, and most homes have decent soundproofing.

Closer to the main road and landmarks, you might hear the typical sounds of traffic, residents talking and enjoying activities, and light music spilling out from the many restaurants in the neighbourhood.