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Ras Al Khor Area Guide

This residential area and protected reserve near Dubai Creek is one of the few urban preserves in the world

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30 January 2020

Last updated on 30 January 2020
Ras Al Khor Area Guide

Making it a fantastic, dream neighbourhood for UAE residents who want to live near and among nature

Ras Al Khor, which means "cape of the creek" in Arabic, is a mixed-use locality in Dubai. Primarily an urban wetland reserve that is home to thousands of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, crustaceans, and other marine life, it also features residential properties suited for families, couples, and singles.

The area's main landmark is the Ras Al Wildlife Sanctuary, which is under government protection from the Dubai Municipality in order to protect the land's biodiversity and local ecosystem. Trips can be made to the preserve for a limited time throughout the year.

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Ras Al Khor is a world away from the skyscrapers and modern neighbourhoods found in the emirate, despite it being in close proximity to other popular spots such as Dubai Festival City and Dubai Design District (D3). It is a neighbourhood beloved by its residents for its lovely apartments, landscaped green spaces and opportunities for animal encounters.

Find out more about Ras Al Khor with our handy area guide.

Where is Ras Al Khor in Dubai?

Public transport in Ras Al Khor

There are no RTA public buses that run through Ras Al Khor in the preserve side, however, there are plenty of bus stops scattered across the industrial and residential parts of the neighbourhood. Some of these RTA buses connect commuters to the nearest Dubai metro stations.

There are no Dubai metro stations located within or in walking proximity to Ras Al Khor. The nearest Dubai metro stations are located in Rashidiya and on the other side of Dubai Creek, and are just a short drive away.

Commute times by car from Ras Al Khor

  • to Downtown Dubai: 16 minutes
  • to Dubai Festival City: 17 minutes
  • to Dubai International Airport (DXB): 17 minutes
  • to International City: 17 minutes
  • to Jumeirah: 19 minutes
  • to City Centre Mirdiff: 20 minutes
  • to Karama: 20 minutes
  • to Dubai Academic City: 22 minutes
  • to Sharjah: 30 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 40 minutes
Public transport in Ras Al Khor dubai

Amenities and facilities in Ras Al Khor

  • Supermarkets and smaller grocery shops, including Spinney's and W Mart Supermarket.
  • Restaurants, canteens, and other eateries, mostly offering Arabic and South Asian menu items.
  • Very close to Dubai Festival City mall
  • The Ras Al Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Schools located in neighbourhing areas, from kindergarten to high school.
  • Auto repair, maintenance, and other car service shops.
  • Petrol stations such as ENOC
  • Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and wellness centres are just a short drive away

In terms of schools near Ras Al Khor, you can find the most suitable one for your child using our guide to schools in Dubai, here.

For hospitals, clinics, and other health and wellness centres, residents can find the nearest ones in the neighbouring communities. Check out our dedicated directory to Dubai's hospitals and clinics.

When the weather gets too hot or you can't find what you're seeking in Ras Al Khor, residents can head to Dubai Festival City or Mirdiff City Centre for more options on shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, and other things to do. There are also cinemas, indoor children's playgrounds, themed shows, and fitness facilities available in these shopping malls.

In terms of prayer facilities, the nearest mosques for those of the Islamic faith are found in the industrial side, as well as in Nadd Al Hamar.

What's life like in Ras Al Khor?

If you enjoy nature and prefer apartment-living, then the Ras Al Khor lifestyle is for you.

It is a peaceful and quiet community, offering residents a sanctuary tucked away from the bustle of Dubai where those fond of nature can enjoy and admire birds, mammals, and marine species in their natural environment. As Ras Al Khor is home to the government-protected wildlife preserve, this attraction allows for a plethora of rare outdoor activities in Dubai, including bird-watching over 20,000 avians and admiring other animals in their habitat.

The area has the basics of almost everything you need, with more amenities and facilities at a close distance as they're available just outside of Ras Al Khor.

Residents will find a convenient, tranquil lifestyle here, along with enough open spaces for jogging, cycling, and dog walking. The added benefit of being a tucked away community is that people won't often experience road traffic.

Dubai Festival City shopping mall near Ras Al Khor

Ras Al Khor by day

During the day-time, Ras Al Khor residents will be at school, work, running errands, or at home. Basic grocery shopping can be found in the area, but people do need to venture out for more retail, dining, and entertainment options. These can easily be found at Dubai Festival City, however more malls such as Mirdiff City Centre, Burjuman, and Dubai Mall are a 20-minute drive away.

The Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary is closed during select periods of the year, but on the months the preserve is open, you will find nature enthusiasts bird-watching and enjoying the pleasant environment.

Ras Al Khor by night

By night time, residents would either be at home or are having an evening out. The locality's close proximity to different shopping malls in Dubai allows residents for an enjoyable time.

For bars, clubs, and other activities, you will need to travel out of the neighbourhood as the area is not a hotspot for nightlife.

Flamingoes in Ras Al Khor
Ras al Khor wetlands

Who lives in Ras Al Khor?

  • Expat and Emirati singles, couples, and small to medium families
  • Individuals working at the wildlife sanctuary or at the industrial sites
  • Professionals seeking cheaper apartment rents
  • Nature lovers

While Ras Al Khor is a little out there for commuters, due to the lack of a Dubai metro station, it is well-connected to other parts of Dubai via the Ras Al Khor Road and Nad Al Hamar Road.

It is an ideal place for singles, couples, families, and those planning on expanding their family who wish to live near nature. The locality is also a very relaxing place, offering a quiet lifestyle.

Properties for rent and sale in Ral Al Khor

Average annual rental prices in Ras Al Khor are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 43,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 56,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 68,000

Average sales price for properties in Ras Al Khor are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: AED 43,000
  • 2 bedroom apartment: AED 56,000
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 68,000

What are properties like in Ras Al Khor?

For residents looking to rent or purchase property in Ras Al Khor, homes in the neighbourhood come in affordable 1 to 3-bedroom units. Many of these buildings are low-rise and come with 24-hour security, lush landscaped gardens, balconies, closed kitchens, and built-in wardrobes.

Depending on the property you pick, you might have gorgeous views of Ras Al Khor's natural beauty, such as the pink flamingoes or the lush mangroves.

Some of the more recent buildings offer additional amenities for its residents, such as an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor fitness centre.

The industrial side of Ras Al Khor has several warehouse units for businesses and has great storage.

Ras Al Khor apartments

What are noise levels like in Ras Al Khor?

It is relatively quiet in Ras Al Khor, with the exception of the industrial sites where you might hear the sounds of machinery, projects, vehicles, and manufacturing.