The Springs in Dubai Area Guide |

The Springs Area Guide

Perfect for couples and families, The Springs is a serene villa community tucked away from the bustle of Dubai

The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

With lush landscaping, beautiful lakes and plenty of villas, The Springs is a fantastic and affordable neighbourhood for couples and families to live in.

Living up to its calm-inducing name, The Springs is a master-planned, gated community that has up to 5,000 villas and townhouses across 15 sub-communities. The neighbourhood offers lifestyle amenities, medical facilities and education options to its residents, and most are within walking distance.

This quaint villa community also offers fun and family-orientated community events throughout the year, and is still close enough to enjoy Dubai's city vibe as there's easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers. As a result, The Springs is often ranked in the top 10 most popular areas to live in or buy property in for residents and is perfect for young couples and families.

Our area guide for The Springs includes everything you need to know about living here; including the average rents in The Springs, the best places to eat and shop, plus amenities available for residents.

Where is The Springs in Dubai?

Public transport in The Springs

There are no Dubai Metro stations in the area, the nearest are:

  • Dubai Marina and DMCC Dubai Metro stations are 10 minutes away by car/taxi
  • Bus F31 services the neighbourhood, with frequent stops throughout the community
  • RTA taxis are hard to come by; some can be found at the shopping centres, otherwise it's best to book via phone or app

Commute times by car from The Springs

Conveniently located in Emirates Living, The Springs offers easy access to arterial roads and surrounding areas:

  • to Dubai Marina: 14 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 25 minutes
  • to Dubai Media City: 16 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 25 minutes
  • to Dubai International Airport: 35 minutes
  • to Dubai Investments Park: 22 minutes
The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

Amenities and facilities in The Springs

For residents who are living in or new to The Springs, the following public amenities and facilities are on offer in the neighbourhood:

  • The Meadows Town Centre and The Springs Souk
  • Spinneys, Marks & Spencer, Carrefour supermarkets
  • Boutique shops in both malls for unique gifts and handmade items
  • Restaurants such as Shakespeare's & Co. and Carluccio's
  • Several lakes between The Springs and Meadows; perfect walkways and cycle paths
  • Dog-friendly walkways around the sub-communities
  • Community pools open to all residents of The Springs, with changing facilities
  • Children's play areas, with outdoor gym equipment and BBQ areas
  • Salons and spas in both malls

As it's one of the older expat communities in the city, The Springs is filled with local amenities that are favoured by its residents. The older Meadows Town Centre has served the area for years, and comes complete with a supermarket, salons, cafes, opticians and a pet store.

The neighbouring The Springs Souk on the other end of the development is larger, and has been a welcomed addition to the area. Here you'll find several high-street stores, restaurants, a supermarket, and even an alcohol store.

The Springs is well served for schools and nurseries. There's Dubai British School located in the middle of The Springs, and there's also the nearby Emirates International School in The Meadows.

For nursery schools in The Springs, parents have several options available - and most within walking distance, especially if you live in The Springs 1, 2 or 3. We have a dedicated guide to Dubai's nurseries that you can browse to find the nearest one to you.

For health clinics and dentists in The Springs, you can find the nearest to you using our directory, here.

What's life like in The Springs?

  • Perfect for couples and families who seek secure and safe community living
  • Everything you need for daily living nearby, by car or by walking
  • Home to several lakes - little and large - that are perfect walkways or great for cycling
  • Expect a rush of traffic during school runs
  • Close, community living where you can get to know your neighbours
  • Clean, well-maintained facilities like pools, changing rooms, outdoor gyms and children's play areas
  • Extremely close to two of Dubai's best golf clubs = a golfer's dream

For couples and families in favour of community living, The Springs always comes highly recommend. Complete with The Meadows Town Centre and The Springs Souk, residents living here have everything that they need conveniently nearby. Life here is comfortable, relaxing and quiet. Families choose The Springs due to its close proximity to good education options and amenities. If you own a pet, it's one of the most recommend places to live by dog-owners in Dubai.

The Springs' 15 sub-communities each come complete with lakes, community pools, outdoor gyms and security guards - there's even two dog parks, a high-school, several nurseries and casual dining options that offer both dine-in and takeaway/deliveries.

With traffic lights, it takes maybe 10 minutes by car to reach one end of The Springs from the other - and thanks to the wide roads with several lanes, traffic very rarely builds up. It's a safe place for cyclists to ride around, and seeing mums and families with strollers is a common sight. Especially in the cooler months!

The Springs in Dubai Area Guide
The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

The Springs by day

As a family-orientated community, The Springs is often busier during the day than later in the evening. Mums, families and home help fill the streets during school drop-off early in the morning, around 8am, and later in the day during pick-up between 2pm and 3pm.

People riding bicycles around the communities and along the roads are a common sight, as is the large number of gardeners tending to resident's gardens and plants, and also landscaping the communities. As The Springs are also pet-friendly, you'll often find individuals walking their dogs - sometimes with a pram or their child with them - around the many different lakes dotted throughout the developments.

Before dusk, children fill the pools and play areas in each estate - often playing basketball, tennis or football, or playing on the jungle gym with friends or their parents.

On weekends, especially in the cooler months, you may be pleasantly surprised to smell nearby BBQs by neighbours, or enjoy one of the many family-orientated funfairs and events that the community's developer holds for the residents living here.

The Springs by night

After sunset, the kids in the communities tend to return home for the evening meals, as parents return from a day at work. While you might hear neighbours in their gardens, once 8pm arrives, The Springs communities become the perfect place for a peaceful meal or drink in your back yard.

The Meadows Town Centre and Springs Souk are generally much busier in the evenings, as families or professionals head to the shops to bring home groceries, squeeze in a hair cut or enjoy an evening meal out together in one of the many restaurants in the area.

The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

Who lives in The Springs in Dubai?

  • Young couples and families with children
  • Many families have hired, live-in home help and domestic workers
  • Medium-high income families, often with one parent working

Unlike The Meadows and The Lakes nearby, The Springs offers great residential units at affordable prices. There's a mix of expatriates that live in the communities; but the two most common types are young couples, or families with children.

Generally, your young couple neighbours may have spent a few years in a high-rise building and are now seeking space with a garden and driveway and the convenience that comes with having both on your doorstep. Plus, these neighbours might be planning on expanding their family in the new future - pregnant women are a common sight in The Springs.

On the other hand, established families with children from 5 years through to their teenage years call The Springs home - and have probably done so for years.

The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

Properties for rent and sale in The Springs in Dubai

Average rental prices in The Springs are as follows:

  • 2 bedroom villa/townhouse: AED 110,000
  • 3 bedroom villa/townhouse: AED 155,000

Average sales prices for properties in The Springs are as follows:

  • 2 bedroom villa/townhouse: AED 1,670,000
  • 3 bedroom villa/townhouse: AED 2,400,000
The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

The Springs Souk

The Springs in Dubai Area Guide

Meadows Town Centre

What are properties like in The Springs?

These 15, gated sub-communities are made up of units offering 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. They're not as luxurious as spacious as the neighbouring Meadows or Lakes communities, but this helps make The Springs much more affordable for those seeking villa-living.

Some villas do come with their own pools, and most have been very well maintained over the years. But we urge you to do a thorough check before handing over your cheques.

The communities are a mix of semi-detached villas or terraced townhouses, and each comes with their own private garden, balcony and open garage port. Most if not all also have a study or maid's room.

As the community is maintained by Emirates Living, there are certain restrictions to what modifications residents can make. As a result, all villas are still the creamy, yellow or light blue paint that was first applied when built.

What are noise levels like in The Springs?

Besides the daily noises of family living, The Springs are a very quiet, relaxing and comfortable community to live in. Bar the main roads, of which some villas do back on to, generally communities are quiet - broken only by school buses, children playing in the parks or by dogs barking.

  • These gated communities offer privacy and quiet for its residents
  • Only noises you may face on a daily basis are cars, school buses, children playing in pools and parks or a dog barking nearby
  • Only villas backing/facing a main road may experience a little traffic noise - but nothing compared to SZR
  • During public holidays, neighbouring fireworks can be heard but not too loud at all
  • Little to no construction around the area