Umm Al Sheif Area Guide |

Umm Al Sheif Area Guide

Explore Umm Al Sheif, a modestly-sized, family-centred residential community in Dubai, through our dedicated area guide

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11 January 2020

Last updated on 13 January 2020
Umm al Sheif Area Guide

Small, peaceful, and catered to family-living, here's everything you need to know about Umm Al Sheif

With its spacious, contemporary villas and townhouses, availability of basic amenities, and its connection to other parts of Dubai thanks to the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Wasl Road, Umm Al Sheif is a fantastic choice for living in the emirate.

Where is Umm Al Sheif in Dubai?

Public transport in Umm Al Sheif

Those who commute through public transport will be glad to know that Umm Al Sheif is near two Dubai metro stations - First Abu Dhabi Bank metro station and Mall of the Emirates metro station. RTA public buses no. 12 and 93 can be found just outside the neighbourhood.

Taxis are not a frequent sight within Umm Al Sheif, so residents and visitors may need to either hail a taxi near the main roads, or book a cab. If you cannot find a taxi, Uber and Careem cars are also popular options among residents.

Commute times by car from Umm Al Sheif

You can reach the following from Umm Al Sheif:

  • to Dubai International Airport: 19 minutes
  • to Dubai Media City: 9 minutes
  • to Jumeirah: 18 minutes
  • to Downtown Dubai: 16 minutes
  • to Jebel Ali: 24 minutes
  • to Dubai Investments Park: 23 minutes
  • to Academic City: 28 minutes
First Abu Dhabi bank metro near Umm Al Sheif

Amenities and facilities in Umm Al Sheif

  • Waitrose supermarket
  • Restaurants and cafes such as P.F Chang's
  • Schools from children's nurseries to high school, such as Blossom Burj Nursery and Horizon International School
  • Clinics and other healthcare centres
  • The Consultate General of the Russian Federation
  • The Consulate General of Kazakhstan
  • The Emirates Theatre auditorium
  • Automobile showrooms, featuring high-end cars including Lambhorginis and Bentleys
  • Petrol station
  • Several mosques
  • Hotels and other short stay accommodation

One of the reasons the price tag at Umm Al Sheif is high is because of all the amenities you'll get in return for your money. While the neighbourhood is small, the area is heavily centred on family living, making Umm Al Sheif a great place for mid to high-income workers to raise a family in.

The district is just around 20 minutes away by car to most of Dubai's central business and academic hubs, such as Dubai Media City and Dubai International Financial Centre. This makes commuting to work easier, however, take note that the Sheikh Zayed Road outside of Umm Al Sheif can experience traffic during rush hours in the morning and evening.

Even if you don't find the amenities you're looking for in Umm Al Sheif, the neighbourhood is close to other areas such as Al Quoz, Umm Suqeim, and Al Barsha which offer an abundance of retail, dining, and leisure options.

Mosques in Umm Al Sheif

What's life like in Umm Al Sheif?

  • Residents and visitors enjoying the amenities in Umm Al Sheif
  • Quiet but residents are often busy and active
  • Easy access to plenty of amenities

Life in Umm Al Sheif is ideal for Emiratis and mid to high-income expatriates who prefer to raise a family in a peaceful, suburban neighbourhood with easy access to an abundance of amenities including healthcare centres, schools, retail, dining, spas, salons, gyms, and more.

Residents of this community live in medium to spacious villas or townhouses, some of which are older but are nonetheless well-structured and luxurious.

Pet owners will appreciate how calm the streets are in Umm Al Sheif, allowing plenty of space for walking dogs.

The area is small and it is not a bustling tourist hub, but it is well-connected via the Sheikh Zayed Road to other popular places in Dubai. Its proximity to Jumeirah enables residents to enjoy an active, beach lifestyle as well.

Jogging at the beach near Umm Al Sheif

Umm Al Sheif by day

During the day, the children head to school, parents commute to work, and stay-at-home household members go about their day running errands, enjoying the amenities in the neighbourhood, or take time to enjoy a meal or cup of coffee nearby.

Umm Al Sheif is quiet throughout the day, though you will spot some residents heading out for a jog, towards the beach, or are walking the dog.

Umm Al Sheif by night

During the evening, the Sheikh Zayed Road outside Umm Al Sheif tends to experience long queues due to the rush hour traffic. Working parents will usually be home by this time, and families will either spend an evening in or a night out. You may spot late-night joggers and dog-walkers at this time.

Who lives in Umm Al Sheif?

  • Large families
  • Long-term expats
  • UAE Nationals

Umm Al Sheif is mostly occupied by a mix of UAE Nationals and long-term expats with families. The villas, townhouses, and schools in the area attract medium to large households, allowing for easier pick-up and drop-offs at school. The added bonus of its close proximity to commercial and manufacturing neighbourhoods Al Quoz, Al Barsha, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Internet City makes it an ideal location for working parents as well.

Residents of Umm Al Sheif also enjoy the convenient benefits of living in this district in regards to healthcare, leisure, peace and quiet, as well the many retail shops and restaurants offered nearby.

Properties for rent and sale in Umm Al Sheif

Average annual rental prices in Umm Al Sheif are as follows:

  • 3 bedroom villa: AED 150,000
  • 4 bedroom villa: AED 190,000
  • 5 bedroom villa: AED 230,000
  • 6 bedroom villa: 290,000

Average sales prices for properties in Umm Al Sheif are as follows:

  • 4 bedroom villa: AED 10,000,000
  • 5 bedroom villa: AED 18,000,000
  • 6 bedroom villa: AED 29,000,000
Umm Al Sheif properties

What are properties like in Umm Al Sheif?

Homes in Umm Al Sheif range in luxurious 3 to 8-bedroom units that are generously spaced. Each villa and townhouse typically comes with a swimming pool, a private garden, a balcony, and a private parking space. The bigger houses often come with a private storage house or shed, a maid's room, additional parking lots, separate kitchens for domestic help, and a large front yard.

While the neighbourhood is mostly geared towards residential living, there are still several commercial properties in Umm Al Sheif - ideal for shops, offices, and showrooms - that are available for rent and sale.

Villas in Umm Al Sheif

What are noise levels like in Umm Al Sheif?

Noise levels in Umm Al Sheif rarely go high. The closer you are to the main roads, the more likely you'll hear the sounds of everyday traffic, but homes in this neighbourhood were built with enough soundproofing to minimise outdoor noise. Residents and visitors will occasionally hear the noises of a supercar engine driving down the street and heavy gardening tools. Otherwise, the area is generally very peaceful.