Family-Only Beaches Are Planned to Be Introduced in Dubai |

Family-Only Beaches Are Planned to Be Introduced in Dubai

The family-friendly beaches will provide safe spaces for women and children in Dubai

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24 July 2018

Last updated on 14 November 2018
Family-only beaches in Dubai

Following hundreds of bad behaviour reports on Dubai’s beaches last year, Dubai has revealed plans to designate some of its beaches as family-only zones.

Proposed by The Supreme Committee of Maritime Affairs, headed by Lt General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai authorities want to provide a private and safe environment for conservative families to feel comfortable in at the beach.

Family-only beaches in Dubai will be marked by signs with regulations on who can visit the zone and how to behave. Single men will not be allowed in the chosen area and rules on dressing modestly will also be enforced.

How comfortable do you feel at Dubai’s beaches?

The move to introduce family beaches is a response to the bad behaviour logged by Dubai police last year; where 289 men were apprehended for photographing women in swimsuits and 743 cases of disturbing beachgoers were reported.

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Many women have revealed that they do not feel comfortable at the beach and often opt for an all-female beach club instead. Therefore, Dubai authorities feel it necessary to develop beaches which appeal to Dubai’s more conservative community and develop a safe, family-friendly space.

Beaches are expected to be clearly marked with signposts to notify residents of the changes.

Signposted family beaches in Dubai

Credit: Jeffrey E Biteng/The National