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10 Things That Can Get You Fined When Taking A Bus In Dubai

For those who use the RTA buses on a daily basis, these are important to know

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26 November 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020

Transportation around Dubai is not very hard

Thanks to the abundance of options – residents in Dubai have several transportation methods to take on a daily basis.

From RTA buses, the Dubai Metro, shuttle buses, taxis and more – this is a buffet of transportation option for every Dubai residents.

And while most users use the buses and metro on a daily basis, not many know about the rules to avoid that can cost hefty fines if they are caught in the action.

Transportation around Dubai may be cost-effective, but the fines can cost you a lot more than your transportation fee for the entire month.

Which is why bus users in Dubai are advised against doing any of the 10 following rules.

1. Do not stand right next to the doors

Sometimes this may be unavoidable during rush hour when the busses are packed, however, standing near the red marked areas can get you fined.

2. Do not rush in to swipe your card

To take the RTA bus, one must pay using their NOL or metro cards – but just swiping hastily and rushing in can get you penalized.

So instead walk in cautiously, make sure the card reader acknowledged your payment, check your remaining balance and make your way inside the bus.

3. Do not swipe the NOL card too much

Yes, sometimes the card reader may been a few second to check your NOL card, which is why you should avoid holding the card on the reader for too long or swiping it too often.

Doing this might make the card check you in and check you out multiple times, costing you a loss in money.

4. Do not swipe out before the bus stops

If the journey has yet to be completed and the bus hasn’t come to a complete halt, avoid swiping your card on the card reader before it has.

Patiently wait for the bus to stop, then swipe your card to exit.

5. Do not forget to check out of the bus

Often in long journeys, riders may forget to swipe out while the journey ends and they simply walk out of the bus.

The system needs you to swipe your card upon check out to complete the transaction – otherwise you might get charged more for the journey during your next check-in.

When you first check in, the system deducts AED7.50 and will credit back AED4.50 upon check out – failure to do so will deduct the whole amount.

6. Do not chew gum, eat or drink

It is extremely prohibited to eat, drink or chew gum while using RTA buses or the Dubai Metro.

This is to ensure a clean and hygienic transportation bus and to the damage of public property.

7. Do not fall asleep

Falling asleep and missing your destination may cost you a fine.

Users are advised to stay away and be alert on the destinations as the bus makes its journey inside Dubai.

8. Do not force your way when there is an overload

During rush hour, transportation may be exhausted with heavy traffic and the driver may ask you to step out and wait for another bus if it has reached capacity.

This is to ensure the safety of everyone on the bus.

If you fail to exit the bus during overload times, you might get fined AED100.

9. Do not get into a fight

If you happen to argue with someone or get into an altercation inside any of the RTA buses, the driver and/or inspector may submit a claim against you.

This will cost you a minimum of AED50 depending on the altercation.

10. Do not forget to pay

If you someone managed to use the bus without paying, this will eventually cost you a hefty fine of AED200.

So always make sure to pay for your journey.

A journey costs AED3 while a fine can cost you AED200.