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10 Year UAE Visa To Be Given To Certain Expats Only

It was announced earlier in the year and now more details have been released

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25 November 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
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UAE expats were elated earlier in the year

When the UAE Cabinet announced the approval of a 10-year visa for expats to apply to in the UAE.

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It announced that some expats in the country will be able to apply and received a 10-year visa if the criteria of their applications are met.

At the top of the lists were investors, entrepreneurs, medical specialists, scientists, researchers and outstanding students – and the reason behind this was to create an attractive environment for future investment in the UAE.

We also reported the 10-year visa was also applicable via the following:

  • Expats must obtain a five-year retirement plan and will be accepted if they meet a series of requirements.
  • Expats must either: have properties worth AED2 million, savings of AED1 million or an active income of more than AED20,000 per month.
  • Expats must also have a valid health insurance policy – as they will not benefit from national retirements given by the UAE government.

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And now more details have been released about this long-term visa:

For investors

The long-term visa can be applicable to two types of investors in the UAE:

  • 1. For investors that have a property of AED5 million and more – will receive a 5 year visa
  • 2. For investors that are making public investments – will receive a 10 year visa
  • By public investments – it can be through a deposit, a company/business, a partnership worth AED10 million or more, a total investment of not less than AED10 million in all areas (with real estate not less than 60% of total investment.)


If you are an expat living in the UAE and are applicable, these are the requirements that you must adhere to:

  • The investment money must not be loaned
  • The investment retention must be for atleast 3 years
  • The investment must have a financial solvency of less than AED10 million.

For entrepreneurs

The long term visa can be applicable to two types of entrepreneurs in the UAE:

  • 1. Entrepreneurs that have a previous project of AED500,000 minimum
  • 2. Entrepreneurs that have an accredited business incubator approval in the UAE

Those who check those two types will be granted a 5-year visa.

For specialists and researchers

The long term visa can be applicable to different types of specialists and researchers in the UAE:

Doctors, specialists, scientists, investors, researchers and artists can be granted a 10 year residency visa if:

  • 1. Expat has a PhD degree in one of 500 top universities
  • 2. Expat has an award or certificate of appreciation in field
  • 3. Expat has contributed to major scientific research in field
  • 4. Expat has published articles or scientific journals in distinguished publications in field
  • 5. Expat is a member in an organization in field with excellent published work
  • 6. Expat has a PhD degree and 10 year professional experience in field
  • 7. Specialists in areas of priority in the UAE
  • 8. Scientists who are accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council
  • 9. Holders of the Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence

And artists must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

For outstanding students

The long-term visa can be applied to outstanding students in the UAE if:

The student has a distinction of at least GPA3.75 upon graduation from universities in the UAE and abroad.

If applicable, the student and extended family members will receive a 5-year residency visa.