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30 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Ramadan

Ramadan is a fantastic time to reconnect as a family, so to get you started here’s some ideas on how to get the kids involved.

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5 June 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
30 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Ramadan

Whether it means creating, learning, doing, making or helping, there’s lots that your child can get involved with during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Essentially, you want to include your child and get them to be and feel like they are part of something, so we’ve come up with a long list of ideas to help you achieve that.

1. Let them help set the table for Suhoor and Iftar

One of the great things about the Holy Month is that is brings together the family over meals. While parents might be busy with the food preparation, why not let the children help out with making the table look presentable? Make sure to let them know how nice the set up is afterwards.

2. Create a Ramadan banner or poster to display

If your kids like being artistic, letting them create their own themed banner or poster could be a lot of fun. Then, you can proudly display it in the house. 

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3. Use a DIY countdown calendar

Countdowns contribute to the excitement as you head towards Eid. Instead of a regular calendar, let them create one of their own.

4. Let them help decorate the house and set-up a Ramadan display

If you want to get them in the spirit of Ramadan, decorating the house will do the trick! Ramadan lanterns are a great start.

Ramadan Decorations
Photo: oyetimes.ca

5. Get crafty with Ramadan ideas

There are a lot of Ramadan-themed crafts to keep the kids busy with, such as cut-out lanterns or cresents. 

6. Learn about Ramadan customs and traditions in other countries

Ramadan can be different depending on the country and culture, so why not broaden their horizons and make them learn something new?

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7. Make a sadaqah or charity box

The Holy Month is a great time to teach the kids about giving to the the less fortunate. A way they can get involved in that is by creating a charity box. 

8. Share food, dates or information about Ramadan with your neighbours

Being generous to your neighbours and socialising with them is certainly a great trait to instil in your kids.


9. Let them share Ramadan with their friends

They will enjoy it all that much more if it's with friends.

10. Use activity books and sheets to keep them busy

A great way to keep them occupied as you rest is to give them activity books that can be both fun and challenging.

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11. Turn traditional Ramadan menu items into fun, kid-friendly versions

It'll make them feel like they're a part of it and they'll likely enjoy eating those items more. 

12. Have a Ramadan party

What better way to celebrate than to bring together your loved ones and let the kids enjoy themselves among others? 

House gathering

13. Get them to write their own Ramadan story

A great way to get their imagination going is to let them write a story and read it to you. 

14. Read stories from the Quran together

The Holy Month is the time to learn more about Islam.

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15. Donate clothes to charities and those in need

A big part of Ramadan is to be charitable to those who are less fortunate. Your kids can sift through their clothes and pick any outfits they grew out of or no longer like and give them away. 

16. Wear traditional garments

The kids will love it!

Kid wearing traditional garment

17. Let them attempt to practice fast if they're able to

Kids always want to imitate their parents or older family members. If they're able to, maybe let them fast a quarter or half a day, it would give them a big sense of accomplishment and prepare them for when they're older. But make sure they're not pushing themselves too far. 

18. Make a Ramadan presentation for their school class

It'll help make them be interested in doing something for school. 

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19. Invite their friends over for a kids-only iftar

Let them enjoy their time by making it special and letting them share an iftar with friends.

20. Make a scrapbook for Ramadan

This is something you could do together. It's great for memories and lets you spend time together. 

Ramadan scrapbook
Photo: collaborativeethnography.wordpress.com

21. Learn and play Ramadan songs

There are usually a lot songs made especially for Ramadan, so enjoy them together. 

22. Help choose their Eid clothes

Eid is a time for celebration and kids can get very excited about new clothes!

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23. Learn a new surah

It's a great time to get them more familiar with the Quran and make sure you let them know how proud you are of them once they learn it. 

24. Set up an I'tikaf tent

You can set up your own mini version. 

Itifak tent
Photo: IG happyfamilyhappykids

25. Search for the moon together

Since the moon is a big part of the Holy Month, spending some time admiring it and learning about it could be fun. 

26. Make food and cookies in fun Islamic shapes

Baking can be a fun activity for parents and children to do together, so make some Ramadan-themed goodies! 

27. Encourage good deeds

Teach them about being kind to others. 

Loving child

28. Create an iftar box, a great incentive to get to iftar time

Something for them to look forward to as they wait for iftar time. 

29. Take them to the mosque with you when possible

It's great for the kids to see the mosque during uch a Holy time. 

30. Make it fun and lead by example

In the end, kids will look up to their parents and aspire to be like them. Don't make things feel like a chore, but ignite their curiosity and make learning about Ramadan fun.