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5 Places You Can Enjoy an Abra Ride in Dubai

Dubbed a must-try experience for anyone living in or visiting here, a trip on an abra is a great way to see an authentic Dubai

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12 February 2017

Last updated on 14 January 2020
5 Places You Can Enjoy an Abra Ride in Dubai

Between the glitz and glam of Dubai's fabulous lifestyle, there's unique opportunities nestled into the heart of communities that offer the most perfect, authetic experience for residents and tourists alike. 

5 Places You Can Enjoy an Abra Ride in Dubai

One of these must-do experiences is a trip on an abra ride across one of the Emirate's waterways. Traditionally made of wood, abras are used to ferry people from A to B... Whether as a taxi service, a trip for tourists or for businesses to move products and members of staff. 

So if you have visitors coming over soon, or you yourself want to enjoy a ride on an abra, here's five places in Dubai that you can do so...

1. Dubai Canal

One of the newest abra routes, visitors to the Dubai Canal can now ride down the new waterway for just AED 25. The abras here can accommodate up to 20 riders, and the journey starts at Sheikh Zayed Road Marine Transport Station. Already a tourist attraction, the recently opened Dubai Canal is most definitely an impressive edition to the Emirate's landscape.

Dubai Canal abra ride

2. Dubai Creek

For a staggering amount less than Dubai Canal, you can hop on one of the many abras across Dubai Creek for just AED 1! As the original centre of the city's commerce, the are around Dubai Creek buzzes daily with boats zipping up and down carrying passengers, trade and cargo. Of course, the area is one of the more authentic Dubai spots to get a true feel of how the city used to be. Getting an abra ride down here is a perfect way to explore both Bur Dubai and Deira. 

Dubai creek abra ride

3. Dubai Marina

While there are no abra rides on Dubai Marina that are similar to those on Dubai Creek, tourists and residents can purchase tickets to take a ride on one of the huge Dhow cruises available on the waters. Whether you want to ride around and see the sights, or indulge in a delectable dinner, a Dhow ride is the perfect way to see Dubai Marina. 

Dhow cruise dubai marina

4. Souk Madinat

If you find yourself in Souk Madinat, why not enjoy an abra tour around the resort? You'll have the opportunity to expore authentic Arabian architecture and enjoy the opulent sights of Burj Al Arab, too. Not only that, but the abra tour at Souk Madinat is dubbed one of the most romantic places to propose in Dubai. Each ride costs AED 85 per adult, and AED 50 per child, and tickets are available at the Souk Abra stations located by the waterway. We particularly love this ride at night! 

Abra ride souk madinat

5. Burj Khalifa Lake

If you're eager to experience an abra ride, but the thought of open waters makes your stomach turn, why not enjoy a traditional abra ride around the 30-ace Burj Khalifa Lake? A far cry from the short journeys taken on numerous occasions across Dubai Creek, this abra ride allows you to take in the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, awe at the size of The Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar and on an evening... You'll have front seats to the largest fountain show in the world, the Dubai Fountain. At AED 65 per person, this is an abra ride like no other in the Emirate. Tickets are available at the Waterfront Promenade of The Dubai Mall. 

Abra ride burj khalifa