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8 Ideas for the Perfect Mother-Daughter Date

Here's 8 ideas for you and your mini-me to enjoy some quality time together while out and about in Dubai

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4 August 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
8 Ideas for the Perfect Mother-Daughter Date

Nothing beats a good day spending quality time together with your daughter. And we're sure she'd agree, there's nothing better than enjoying a little pampering, spending spree or tasty food when mum's paying. 

Whether she's still a young tween or a grown-up teenager with her own style, we're sure with these ideas, you'll both be set for a lovely, enjoyable day together... 

Head to the beauty salon
There's plenty of wonderfully lavish salons available in Dubai, so take your pick! You could both enjoy a mani-pedi while discussing the latest gossip or family drama, or treat yourselves to a facial and give your skin some love in the desert heat. 

To help you decide where to go for your pampering session, we highly recommend these salons; they're all across Dubai, and each has their own fantastic way of making you feel spoilt. Plus, don't forget to check out for any deals currently available that you can use to save some Dirhams! 

Make a DIY hair mask together
If the salon is just that little bit too far away to venture out, why not head to your local market store and grab the ingrediants you need to make your own DIY hair masks together? You don't need to be in the salon to achieve salon-worthy results. And we can't deny our barnetts are always in need of a good conditioning mask while living in the desert... We're sure your mini-me will love the quality time with mum while making these! 

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Binge-watch your favourite TV show together
We're all guilty of indulging in a little bit of a binge-watch now and again, while we catch up on back-to-back episodes of our favourite shows. There must be a TV show that you both love to watch together... We can think of a few ideas! Weep together to the heart-wrenching storylines of Grey's Anatomy, laugh at the awkwardness and realness of the Gilmore Girls or better yet, enjoy some thrills as you try to figure out who A is in Pretty Little Liars. 

All you need is your pyjama's, some slippers, your duvet and some popcorn to snuggle up on your sofa together to enjoy some good old-fashioned couch-potato TV watching. 

Make some new fur-ever friends
With lots of pets left behind or in foster care across Dubai, there's always a furry friend who's in dire need of a little TLC and a hug! If you're both animal lovers, why not volunteer your time together to some of the local support groups, shelters, rescue groups or charities that always welcome a helping-hand. You don't need to adopt yourself, but by dedicating your time, the two of you could make a real difference to the UAE's furry population. 

Head to the shopping mall
We're spoilt for choice with the number of large malls, filled with a wide-range of stores, boutiques and activities to enjoy. When it's hotter, they're the perfect place to head to to beat the heat and still enjoy yourselves. Plus, we know from experience, nothing beats a good, quality spending-spree with mum by your side. Go on, shop till you drop at one of Dubai's best malls. Squeeze lunch in between, or a coffee on the go and you'll have a fabulous time together. 

Mother daughter shopping spree

Encourage some edu-tainment with them
While we know our children are always working hard while studying, sometimes they could do with a break. While camp is a popular choice for many families in the UAE, sometimes our tweens and teens simply outgrow them. If camp is no longer the first choice, there's plenty of other alternatives to camp in Dubai that still offer the edu-tainment factors needed. You could head to thel ibrary together, enjoy a cultural lunch or watch the flamingos down at Ras Al Khor. There's lots of ideas, which we've gathered together here for you! 

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Bring her along to a coffee morning
If time for a coffee is all you have to spare with your mini-me, don't worry. Bring her along to one of our regular coffee mornings to meet your friends, and other new expats living in the country. She might even make her own new friend or acquaintance! Together you'll be able to enjoy flowing conversation, a good beverage and great company to kick-start your day. 

Top up your tans together
There's plenty of beaches in Dubai, but not all are freely open to the public. If you have cash to spare, you could head to one of Dubai's luxury hotels and spend the day pool-side or on the beach with table service. Alternatively, grab your swimming gear and head to one of Dubai's public beaches, like Mamzer Beach Park, Kite Beach or JBR Beach.


What other ideas do you have for enjoying a great mother-daughter date together? Tell us your ideas in our comments below!