Animal and Nature Experiences You Need to Try at Dubai Safari Park |

Animal and Nature Experiences You Need to Try at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park reopened in October after two years, and these are all the animal adventures you shouldn't miss!

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5 October 2020

Last updated on 19 October 2020
Wildlife-Watching Experiences You Need to Try at Dubai Safari Park

Exciting new animals, installments and experiences await...

Translated from Swahili, the word safari means "long journey" in English.

Travellers of yesteryear would take arduous journeys to cross countries or delve deep into rainforests, but today's safari-goers can bypass the months-long treks and be up close with beautiful animals within an hour or thirty minutes' drive.

UAE residents and visitors seeking nature activities and animal encounters in Dubai can now explore some of the best-known wildlife at the newly reopened Dubai Safari Park, two years after its closure to the public.

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"The redesigned Dubai Safari has many unique interactive programmes blended into the safari journey that provides visitors a unique and memorable experience," said Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, which has taken over facility operations from Meraas.

So, with over 2,500 animals from around the world in a 119-hectare wildlife reserve at your disposal, where do you start?

Kids' farm

Dubai Safari Park's Kids' Farm is one of their interactive activities on site. Children can learn something new about animals and nature while in a safe environment.

Other exciting interactive activities that kids may enjoy include feeding the giraffes and the grand aviary.

Arabian Village

Discover the Arabian Desert Safari where wildlife from across the Middle East awaits.

Visitors can expect to see Arabian oryx, camels, Arabian wolves and Mountain gazelles!

Animal and Nature Experiences You Need to Try at Dubai Safari Park

Asian Village

Tour through the Asian Village at Dubai Safari Park to witness a rich diversity of animals, including Moon bears, tigers, and gibbons.

The reserve's team of wildlife experts will guide you and you might learn some fascinating new facts about the creatures of this continent.

African Village

Experience the beauty of Africa's wonders such as elephants, giraffes, and lions.

Your safari guide will help you spot other notable species who may be sleeping or just feeling shy.

Explorer Village

The Explorer Village is Dubai Safari Park's main attraction. Visitors will be taken on a journey, in the safety and comfort of a bus, to discover more of their colourful inhabitants.

Dubai Safari Park details

The newly reopened reserve is a dedicated animal sanctuary and education centre in Dubai, structured on its values of protection, conservation and education.

  • Location: Al Warqa 5, Dubai, UAE
  • Dates and timings: Everyday from 9AM to 5PM
  • Ticket prices: AED 50 per adult / AED 20 per child above 3 years old
  • Who can visit for free: FREE for kids under 3 years old. People of Determination can also enter for FREE, along with 2 companions (must bring SANAD card)
  • Website: