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5 Items to Spruce-Up Your Living Space

Looking for a way to freshen up your favourite space in the house? These 5 pieces on Croutique will make a lovely addition

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27 February 2017

Last updated on 21 January 2020
5 Items to Spruce-Up Your Living Space

Many of us spend a lot of time in the comfort of our own homes; be it in the kitchen, the living room, dining room or even our bedrooms, there’s no denying that if we want to relax a little while in our safe space, we don’t need an excuse.

5 Items to Spruce-Up Your Living Space

But if you’re feeling a little bored of your surroundings, or if you’re itching for a change to help spruce up your favourite place, we’ve got some lovely ideas for you.

We’ve picked 5 items currently available on Croutique that will no doubt give your home something new.

1. The Grey Feeling Blanket Set from Artnique By Saachi

Croutique living space 1

Mix handwoven threads, with organic cotton, pompoms and natural materials and you have yourself a winner with this set from Artnique By Saachi. They’re without a doubt fluffier than readymade blankets, and will make the perfect addition to your sofa or chair.

2. Camel Coasters from Zebratini

Croutique living space 2

Living in the UAE means you’re automatically a sucker for anything with a camel on – camel soap, camel milk, camel cushions, camel ornaments. You name it. But if you’re not ready to commit to a 6ft camel statue in your hallway, these lovely and colourful camel coasters will no doubt spruce up any coffee table you have.

3. The ‘Cigar Box’ Industrial Desk Lamp from Craft By Two

Croutique living space 3

This unique, special lamp will add a super vintage vibe to your living space, and will no doubt make for a great conversation starter! It comes with an Edison lamp, which has a 3 step touch dim function for easy use. The ‘Cigar Box’ combines art with function, and will look fantastic on your bedside cabinet or shelving unit.

4. Decorated Teapot from Decomaj

Croutique living space 4

If you’re anything like us, any item that’s remotely related to the delicious hot beverage many of us love and enjoy daily will appreciate this piece. For all tea lovers, this colourful addition to your living space will brighten up your mood on any morning. AND it can be used for serving tea as well as decoration – bonus!

5. Folksy Wooden Serving Spoon and Fork from Moderno Home Accents

Croutique living space 5

Serving a salad won’t seem as mundane a task as it normally does with these beautiful utensils. Bound to add life to any kitchen space, these cool, folksy spoon and fork are both made of high-quality Madre de Cacao Wood and are absolutely toxin free. Bring the artsy vibe to your dining with these today!

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