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Volleyball is Your New Most Popular Option for Kids' Activities in Dubai

Find the best after-school sports program in Dubai for your child, along with top volleyball activities and coaches for adults

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24 April 2023

Last updated on 22 June 2023
Esperia Volleyball Academy Dubai

Have you ever grabbed a ball and spiked it?

The feeling is exhilirating! One of the most memorable and rewarding instants is when you are getting in the momentum to jump while intercepting the ball in the air and determining where to place it.

By now, all families know that Dubai offers many after-school activities for children. Sometimes parents get overwhelmed because they look at so many choices before deciding which one is suitable for their children.

Look no further! Esperia Volleyball Academy has got you covered!

Multiple locations across Dubai

You won't have to worry about searching up "children's after school activities near me in Dubai", as Esperia has many locations around the emirate. For parents who run errands every day, finding the best and most convenient spots is usually top priority.

Having a sports activity "just around the corner" is less stressful for parents and more enjoyable for kids.

Esperia Volleyball Academy Dubai | After school activities in Dubai

Why volleyball? And why with Esperia Volleyball Academy?

Esperia aims to create a fun-filled and positive learning environment starting with the fundamentals. Their expert coaches encourage early sports skills to support developmental function and create movement patterns to lead children into sports activities.

Playing with a ball in volleyball involves social interaction with other children, which plays a crucial role in the child's development. Interacting with others can boost a child's confidence and self-esteem, all factors that contribute to their happiness.

Esperia Volleyball Academy Dubai | After school activities in Dubai

In addition to this, Esperia's approach includes exercises to improve hand-eye coordination, body control, reaction time, and agility which are only a few of the benefits the Dubai volleyball academy can provide to children!

"We are committed to using specific tools depending on the age and level (e.g. lower net or lighter balls) to help their skills develop in the right way, to avoid injuries, and enjoy the game from the first session," said a representative.

Best volleyball classes for kids in Dubai

Did you know that they also have a location in Kite Beach?

Beach volleyball in Dubai is one of the kids' favourite activities because they can hang out at the beach and be playful!

Does Esperia also have an ace in the hole? You bet! The academy offers a variety of beach volleyball classes for adults and sessions like Fun Volley, where people get to play beach volleyball, stay fit, and meet new friends while having fun.

Also, do you want to get together and play? Rent a court and play with your best mates!

Esperia Volleyball Academy Dubai | After school activities in Dubai

So what's holding you?

Register for a free trial today or send a WhatsApp message to know more about their courses.

Esperia Volleyball Academy
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Whether you are a parent looking for a sport for your child, an adult looking to improve your skills or take part in a new sport, an advanced player looking for a team, or an organization interested in organizing activities for your employees, we are here to share our experience and knowledge with you. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get ready to be coached to reach your full potential with Esperia Volleyball Academy!

Multiple locations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates