Desert Safari Tours from Dubai |

Desert Safari Tours from Dubai

There is so much fun to be had with a desert safari tour. On your holiday to Dubai, we definitely recommend taking a tour.

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2 July 2014

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Desert Safari Tours from Dubai

If you are staying in Dubai for the summer months, then you may be tackling the common issue of how to fill your time, whilst not overheating. For a family trip or just a pair, a desert safari in the evening is a must for those who have not already experienced it!


The door-to desert pick up service means you can forget about trying to navigate your way out to the wilderness and let one of the local drivers take the wheel. The safari kicks off with a hair raising dune ride through the desert in a pack of four by fours. Carving up the sand, you’ll need a strong stomach to face the ups, downs, twists and turns maneuvered by the reckless, but experienced, drivers that revel in hearing you shriek!

The evening is the ideal time to go as the temperatures drop with the sun over the desert landscape. Even if you’re not a thrill seeker (nervous mums out there), you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery on your journey- depending if your eyes are still open!

Desert safari - ride the camels

The desert safari has a whole host of other activities to offer that you encounter when arriving at the desert camp. This outdoor area has a great atmosphere and is laden with Arabian rugs and pillows to dine on, giving it an authentic touch. Inside the camp you can get a henna tattoo, be photographed in typical Arabian dress and even hold a falcon! Outside there is the opportunity to sandboard, ride around on a quadbike or even a camel!

Once seated with food from the buffet, you are treated to evening entertainment acts including impressive belly dancing. Note: avoid seats close to the edge of the stage if you’re not one for audience participation!

A desert safari makes for the perfect way to enjoy yourself in the Dubai summer evenings, outside!

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